Hello, I’m Michelle. It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Michelle, and I am starting this blog as a way for readers (even if there are only imaginary readers for now) to keep me accountable.

I love running (and training for) road races, as well as eating healthily, but I sometimes struggle with balance and consistency. I may run over twenty miles one week and eat awesome foods, but the following week may be completely off. There is usually something that triggers overeating (stress? lack of sleep? sometimes nothing), and I will feel too lousy to break a sweat.

I have struggled with eating issues in the past (I will get into the details one day), but I want to think more about becoming a healthy person TODAY, not being held down by who I used to be.

To date, the longest race I have run was a full marathon (the California International Marathon, where I ran it in 3:40). I plan on running at least one marathon every year, but my favorite distance is definitely the half marathon (PR is 1:45).

My next race is a half marathon in Los Gatos, CA… the St. Patricks Day Go Green half marathon. I encouraged (or convinced… or forced) many people from my church to run an event in that race (they also have a 5K and 10K).

Last year, I was able to get several people to run their first race, and I LOVED introducing them to the trill of crossing the finish line.

This is a 5K we did in Dec of 2011, benefiting the Toys for Tots program. It was so fun because we got to wear our Christmas gear… sort of… and run an easy out-and-hack course in Santa Cruz. It was the first race for Robin (on left side) and Neal (center-right).

My beautiful friend, Tammy, ran her first (well… she supposedly ran a 5K before.. but let’s not count that one) race in September of 2011. It was the Trail Hog series, and she ran a 10K. Those hills were killer!

I ran the half marathon in that trail race and got 3rd woman overall! I even got first in my age group!

My younger brother, Michael, ran his first race in July 2011… the Jungle Run Half Marathon! We ran it together and he loved every minute of it (or I might be making that last part up)!!

I’m also super cheap (or at least not a super-spender), and if I can’t copy the pictures, I will just take a picture of the picture on my little netbook…. like so:

Last August, John (on the right) ran a 5-miler with me and Michael called the Dammit Run! It basically goes up a big mountainside (pretty darn steep), then comes back down on the other side. Was a race called “Dammit Run” probably not the right one to start with for a noob runner? Probably…

I still have some people I will have to force into at least one race…. one person I have in mind is a guy who is super special to me…
This guy:

Joseph puts up with me doing things like this:

You will get to know my family and friends pretty well as the blog continues. I will also include my workouts and training, and keep you updated on my progress as I work to improve my running and fitness.

Also, being that it’s the beginning of January, I would love to lose the ten (or more?) pounds I put on over 2011… but if I can get way faster while maintaining this weight, I’m all for it.

Also, why did I choose the name “blessed with thunder thighs”? Well, long ago, around age 12, there was a girl whose hips and thighs started growing much faster than her peers.

She asked God, “Why did you make me this way? All my other friends are so tiny and delicate, and I am a BEAST!” Even though I asked God to make me as lithe and petite as my peers, He showed me His plan for me.

Through my close friend, Noel, I discovered my love for running! In 2009, I ran my first “race” (I showed up 10 minutes late to the start and had no time to even wear the timing chip!). What a noob I was. It was the Pat Tillman 4.2-miler. After crossing the finish line, I was instantly hooked.

Now, I wish I could tell my 12-year-old self, “It’s okay, Michelle. God has blessed you with such strong legs because you are going to be a runner and love racing!”

She probably would have gotten mad at me, and told me to become a cool hip-hop dancer instead. At that time, I also asked God why I had so much acne but I don’t think I could ever blog about how God has blessed me with acne. I still get zits. It’s just not fair.

So through this blog, I hope to inspire some people to get fit, to try running their first race, and also for me to be kept accountable. It will encourage me to stop after my first huge cup of frozen yogurt (because sometimes, I convince myself that a second one is necessary). I will try to choose the healthy options and be honest why I slip up (hopefully, the slip-ups become less frequent).

I appreciate how you will be keeping me accountable (even if this is just to all the phantom readers out there, hehe)!

5 responses to “Hello, I’m Michelle. It’s nice to meet you!

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  2. Hi michelle! I’m just leaving comments all over your blog today! ๐Ÿ˜‰ i can’t believe you have skin problems….it looks gorgeous in all the pics, but since you say you do, have you ever tried Mary Kay products? they are amazing! i use them cuz i used to have really bad zits (the dr wanted to put me on accutane when i was 13 but me and my parents decided no to that) anyway my skin cleared up alot as i got older but i still get those annoying breakouts sometimes…my mary kay product helped ALOT ๐Ÿ˜€

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