Hiking, and About My Student Life

This morning, I got up around 7 AM and made some hot coffee. I added something quite lovely to the coffee:

Yup. Pumpkin spice Silk! and it was only 99 cents at Sprouts. Only problem? it expires in like four days (I think it was a seasonal item, so they’re trying to get rid of all the leftover ones).

The thing is, it turned all weirdsies in the coffee

Can you tell? Under all of those bubbles, there is some weird cloudy, kind of curdling action going on. I still drank it just fine… it just looks weird. I’m guessing it’s because I poured the Silk cold, and then poured hot coffee right on it. I’ll try letting it sit for a while next time.

I ate a Clif Mojo bar as I headed over to my friend Jamie’s house. I wanted to take her on a trail run (it was her first time!), around some pretty nice places in the Cupertino mountains.

We started off in a residential area


… and it quickly turned into this huge, uphill climb.

This picture does not do the hill justice. It was a HUGE hill! When it looked like you crested the hill, it was actually on halfway… and we just walked this portion. Good job, Jamie!

This picture makes her legs look super tiny… and that’s actually how small they are in real life. Next time, I need to make her lift weights and then eat a big sandwich.

There were some other nice hills along the trail.

And even with all the sunshine, it was actually a perfect 50 degrees or so. Man, do I love Northern California!


This is at the top of a hill (it’s supposedly the highest peak among the many hills in that area).

I always do one normal picture, and one weird. Where is my right leg, you ask? Why it’s in an arc with my foot right behind my head. I’m weirdly flexible in some ways.

Even though I made her run up and down all those big hills, she was still smiling and happy at the end of it

This is how I looked the whole time… big ol’ smile and my water bottle swinging next to me. Can you see Jamie hovering over my right shoulder?


I actually do a 1:1 ratio of water and coconut water when I got on runs longer than an hour. Jamie was not a fan of the coconut water… it’s definitely not for everyone.

After our hike, we hit up Trader Joe’s and got some salads. I got the Miso glazed salmon salad, and Jamie got the Pasadena salad. They were delish!

(I tend to get those salads these days… they are $3.99, which is way cheaper than going to other fast food or dining places. Plus, TJ’s makes everything SO YUMMY!)

We washed up at her place, and then after dropping her off at the Caltrain station, I went to school, then work, then came home to another TJ’s salad!

This one has that sweet and salty thing going on. It has noodles, mango, zucchini, chicken, carrots, bell peppers, and “spicy” mango vinaigrette (it is NOT spicy, it’s actually just sweet… the box is lying).


Let me just share with you about my life as a (part-time) student.

I currently attend De Anza College (a community college about 15 minutes from my home). I am just taking the required Biology courses needed before I transfer to San Francisco State University this fall.

I am entering as a junior with kinesiology as my major. I can’t wait for this fall!

Until then, the Bio class is just Monday (lab +lecture= five hours at school) and Wednesday (2 hr lecture).

Not gonna lie, I could probably be a part-time student and part-time worker for the rest of my life. I love my schedule!

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you about my work.

Hope you had a great Wednesday!

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