Early Morning Workout

For those of you who work full-time, I know how tiring it is to have to try to fit in exercise after working the whole day. Not too long ago, I was working full-time as a medical assistant in a doctor’s office.

Oddly enough, I got into the best shape EVER!

By the way, I’m gargantuan.


So how did I get so fit when I was working full-time? EARLY MORNING WORKOUTS. I would wake up around 6:00 AM (well, I would snooze a couple times and stumble out of bed around 6:20 or so), down some coffee to wake me up, grab my water bottle and exercise with the Insanity videos.

(Break a sweat with Shawn-T in the morning? Don’t mind if I do!)

I was lifting heavier weights (I had moved from an 8 lbs to 10 lb-weights), jumping higher (well, It took my 6-inch vertical to probably 7.5 inches. I don’t know, hehehe), and my cardio was AWESOME!

The OTHER part of my fitness was my healthy eating. I was eating super clean, limiting my dessert intake (LIMITING, not eliminating), and in bed around 9:00pm.

If you need to work out early in the morning, you need to SLEEP EARLIER at night.

Let’s pause for one second… if you have children, especially if they are still in grade school, then that changes everything. Unfortunately, I have no experience in that field! But if you are a parent who can manage work and children AND be fit… I am in awe of you! God has blessed you with time management (or super well-behaved children :P).


This morning, I decided to do an early morning workout. Originally, we were supposed to leave at 9:00AM for RENO, but my brother had to go into the office this morning, so it got delayed to 1:00pm.

So this morning, I woke up at 6:45AM, made some cloudy coffee, then started the Insanity Upper body weight training video (one of my favorites!).

I love my new weights:

(How appropriate for 2012, right?)


The camera decided to cut off the top of my head because I have no make-up on and look quite sickly.


And guess what, boys!… GIRLS SWEAT! I guess most of them don’t have sweat coming out of every single pore in their bodies, but girls sweat. It’s a good thing… although I guess it doesn’t look so cute, huh?

By the way, this is my parents’ room. I was trying to finish my work out before my mama came home from work (she works the night shift as a nurse). I did it here so that I would not wake the rest of the household while jumping around.


So if you know you’ll be too tired to get your sweat on after work, try fitting in 20 to 30 minutes in the morning. You will feel amazing, knowing you got your exercise in as the sun was rising.

You will never regret a workout!… unless you have bad form and get injured. Then you’ll probably regret the workout.


For this year, I was encouraged by my church’s Sisters’ Accountability and Prayer group (SAP) to work on my spiritual disciplines.

This is our SAP group:


My challenge is to always do my daily devotions BEFORE checking my emails (I always used to wake up and check my email first thing in the morning… even though I only received emails from Groupon and such).

I am following along with my church’s daily devo’s: http://newcreationunited.org/blog/  if you wanted to do it with us.

I am also doing Scripture-writing. My lifetime goal is to have handwritten the entire Bible! If something happens to me and I am not able to finish it, YA’LLs are responsible for finishing it for me.

I have done the book of Matthews, Leviticus (well I still have the last chapter to do), and now I’m on Romans.


We’re leaving for Reno in a couple hours. I’ll try to keep ya’ll posted!


Have you done early morning workouts before? Or do you prefer after work/night time workouts?



2 responses to “Early Morning Workout

  1. i walked from the montgomery BART station to howard and 2nd street. i know that doesn’t sound like much, but at least i didn’t use the escalators and i sprinted up the stairs! :p

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