My hip, and My Job

What a lovely Thursday!

I started my day with banana and peanut butter on potato bread (toasted… well kind of burnt). Why is the corner missing? I was starving and took a bite of it πŸ™‚

I drank some coffee (with Pumpkin spice Silk in it, which still did the cloudy thing), then headed out for a run!

YEAH! Getting myself PUMPED in the car!

(By the way, the mark on my arm is from a burn. Stupid steam coming out of the water boiler! I forgot that steam can actually get way hotter than boiling water because it is a gas, or something like that).

My run was GREAT for the first hour, and suddenly became annoying. I was planning on running a loop that is 5.25 miles long, but when I got to the 4.5-mile mark, I decided to head back the other way (turning it into an out-and-back 9 mile run).

I ran the first 6.5 or 7 miles pretty comfortably, but needed to start taking walk breaks (maybe less than 20 seconds) because my LEFT HIP was so tight. I ran 8 miles in 1 h 8 min (8:30 pace). Pretty good considering the nagging hip.

I alternated running and walking for the last mile, which took exactly 9 min.

So today’s workout: 9 miles in 1h 17min (8:33 pace).

I got some crazy sweat on and my hair is doing something weird.

(Also, see how bright it was this morning? It’s JANUARY and I’m running in shorts and a sleeveless top! It was in the mid-50’s during my whole run!). Thank you, Lord, for this awesome weather!

I got home and got to work on my hip!

The foam roller is an awesome tool that helped me last year during my training for the full marathon. I always seem to get tight in the hips (it’s usually one side or the other). If you are planning on running long distances, I suggest you pick one up!

I snacked on this baby right here. It was SO YUMMY! It was 89 cents at Sprouts. If it’s still on sale, I should go and buy them all.


Michael also helped me give Vanna a shower.

Vanna is my happy and playful animal friend. There is a crazy story behind how she came to be my dog, but I will get into that on another post.

Also, does anyone else’s dog go all crazy right after a bath? She was (obviously) rolling around all over the deck and sprinting laps! This is in the middle of her shaking, hehehe:


I hung out at Joe’s for a couple hours before work (Watching “How I Met Your Mother”. I was super duper hungry when I finally ate some Greek yogurt with Kashi GoLean Crisp.


I snacked on this at work:


And foam rolled as soon as I got home because my left hip started feeling tight again!

(What? You don’t foam roll in your work clothes? Hmm, that’s weird…).


So my current job is: tutoring at The Reading Clinic! It is for kids who don’t read good and want to do other things good, too (Just kidding! I hope you all get the reference. If you don’t, it means you’re too young… or I’m too old. Dangit).

I work with students who are behind in their class, have learning disabilities, and/or have other developmental delays. It is such an amazing job because we get to see their improvements in their reading (and other) skills.

Of course, it takes a lot of patience to work with some of the students. If I was bad at reading and my teacher at school was telling me that all day, I wouldn’t want to go for another hour after school to do MORE reading-related exercises! But there are those days when we have a breakthrough or they are able to move up the levels in their story books, and it just makes me so happy.

I think that’s how God delights in us sometimes. He sees us struggling, but he wants us to keep working at whatever we’re wrestling with, and when we have that breakthrough, we have Our Father to rejoice with.

My next topic will be about making time for a workout (I know many of you are blessed with a full-time job and can’t just have a whole Thursday morning to run around and wash your dog :P).


What was your workout/activity for the day?

Any jobs you had in the past that you really enjoyed?


5 responses to “My hip, and My Job

  1. LOL, Michelle! I totally get the reference from Zoolander!! (oops, am I not supposed to give that away…) I didn’t know you had a blog, I’ll be visiting more often! πŸ™‚ Miss you!

  2. HAha i was cracking up at you getting pumped in your car! You should have seen me in my car at 7:45AM getting stuck in traffic on 880 (took me 1 hour to get to Mission blvd…). Let’s just say, I did not look like that.


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