First Night In Reno

We first stopped by at Target to pick up some snacks. That’s Min (my older brother’s girlfriend), Michael (my younger brother), and I don’t know who that third guy is.

(Just kidding, hehe. That’s Joe).

We tried some of the sample coffees that Starbucks was giving out.

I tried the Blonde one. Not as acidic as some light roasts can be, so it was yummy!


I had some lemon Greek yogurt for a snack.

There was some snackage at Popeyes.

I got this chicken wrap thing that was supposed to be 200 calories and stuff… but it was so salty andsuper greasy (it’s basically deep-fried, just without the batter).  It left a pretty gross taste in my mouth. Luckily, Joe gave me a bite of his biscuit, covered in honey, and we hit the road again.

Umm, goodness… who the heck brought all this stuff and left it all over the bench? So rude…

… Oh, it must all belong to that guy.


We stopped by at a Walmart before coming to the hotel (Circus Circus- my older brother got free rooms and stuff).

We checked into our hotel room (which was a pretty nice suite).

The guys started on some of the chips and drinks.

Joe signed up for the player’s card and got a CHECK. He kept looking at it and showing me (“Look, they wrote me a check!”).

We headed up to dinner at Smokin’ Gecko’s BBQ. It was ok. I ordered the Chopped BBQ Chicken salad. I asked for the dressing on the side (yeah.. I’m one of those people) but it came with it IN the salad AND some extra on the side. The server said that’s how they do it and it’s lightly dressed… but it was too heavily dressed for me.

… but I still ate it all, hehehe.

Joe got the platter that they promote ($12.95 for ALL THAT… ribs, chicken, pulled pork, fries, corn, cole slaw, and corn bread). He put a dent in almost half of it. Yeah… it’s that heavy.

Everyone had a pretty nice (and filling) dinner. Thanks, Oppa!


We had a normal picture before this, but then I asked for a silly one, and LOOK AT JOE’S SMILE! (I usually get these weird smiles that make him look uncomfortable to be standing next an overly excited ME).

(I think I found my new Facebook profile pictuuuuuurrrre! <—– You have to read that in a high-pitched voice because that’s how I’m saying it).


After dinner, Michael had a near-death experience with an elephant gone rogue.

Joe and I had an easier time… and some guy in the back was happy to be in our photo.


Tomorrow (or… later today), I’ll talk with you about how to keep fit while on a trip!


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