Keeping Fit While in Reno

So how do you stay fit while eating all sorts of food at all hours of the day?

This is a post-midnight special at Tivoli Gardens. POACHED EGGS! and super well-done hash (just the way I like ’em):

Then in the morning, we had a buffet breakfast at Courtyard Buffet. I only got one plate of real food (saving room for many rounds of dessert).

And what kind of noobface gets raisin bran, wild blueberries, and yogurt at a buffet??

Answer: Michelle

A snowman pooped on my dessert (round 2 of bread pudding topped with apple cobbler). Why did I still eat it? Because it tastes like vanilla ice cream.

OMG, such good sushi!


So basically, I only kind of know the answer to my original question. I never said “Losing weight in Reno” or “Never gaining an ounce in Reno”.

Well Michael and I started off our Saturday (MIDNIGHT) with a trip to the gym!

I was still energized and wanted to go walk up and down the stairs after, but Michael was even too tired to give me two thumbs up.

(Our post-workout meal was the graveyard special… steak and eggs).

My Saturday MIDNIGHT workout:

Squeaky Elliptical: 20 minutes (going up to level 14)

Treadmill: (just walking today) 20 minutes. Started at 6% incline 4.1 mph, and every time I went down 1% incline, I raise the speed 0.1. Ended at 4.6mph walking and 1% incline

Stationary Bike (the kind with backrest): 20 minutes, maintaining 90 rpm or more.


After the lunch buffet, we started on the 49ers game (the one that everyone was talking about on Facebook).

[BTW, I am totally not an avid football-watcher. I can probably be an awesome bandwagon niners fan, but my true interest is in basketball… unless it’s a double-header or something. I may take a nap].

It was an AWESOME GAME! The best one I have seen, for sure (but I have seen like only 20 football games all the way through, so it’s not saying much :P).

(Anyone else get teary-eyed when you saw Davis crying? I was so happy for him. My eyes welled up a little, but the trick is to not blink. Just let the tears evaporate from your eyeballs before you blink, and you’re good to go).

So in the middle of the game, I decided to visit the gym and watch it from there (say WHAAAAT? That would be my SECOND Saturday workout):

Watching the game from the treadmill:

or from the bike (whoops, TV’s not on yet):

My Saturday AFTERNOON workout:

Treadmill: (speed workout) 21 min, 2.25 miles. Warm-up about a mile, then do this interval:

50 sec at 7.0 mph (or comfortable running pace)

40 sec at 8.0 mph (or at pace where you can’t finish a sentence)

30 sec at 9.0 mph (or at a don’t-talk-to-me-pace).

Rest for a minute or so (walking). Repeat as many as you want. I only did three… because I hate speedwork of any kind.

Bike: 20 minutes, maintaining above 90 rpm

Treadmill: 19 minutes, 1.75 miles. Cool down with jog/walk.

Going back to the room, I took the stairs:

(Tip: Take two steps at a time and get up the stairs at a pace where you are not comfortable. Two steps instead of individual steps= more range of motion= more calories torched).

I did about 20 minutes of yoga to stretch out everything.


So the best way to stay fit while on a trip? BE FIT. Squeeze it in however you can. Taking the stairs at a hotel is probably the quickest way to squeeze it in (once a day, just take the stairs. Better than nothing, yeah?).


How do you stay fit while on vacation/away from home?


[DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed healthcare professional or physical trainer. I am also not endorsed by any company (obviously), so all mentioned interest in products and expressed views are that of my own].

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