Accidental Carbo-load

Yesterday (Sunday) was my rest day.

It somehow also turned into a carbo-loading day as well.

Before leaving Reno, we ate some food at Kokopelli’s again (while watching football and also the last part of the women’s Olympic qualifiers! I was so happy for Shalane, Desi, and Kara! I got a little welled up when they cried after crossing the finish line… they’re my close friends. You didn’t know? šŸ˜‰

I ate two corn breads:

A good amount of the BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries:

(also their “award-winning” hot wing),

… and this Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding!

Everyone was actually too full, and I was not about to let precious bread pudding go to waste, so I ended up eating ALL OF IT (ok, minus the pound of whipped cream all over).*sigh*…

Then there was a little bit of shenanigans before leaving Reno:


This morning, I woke up pretty bloated and my muscles felt well-rested. Perfect day for a LONG RUN, huh?

Not quite. My car was in the shop over the weekend, so I needed to pick it up. No long run this morning… I lose the drive to go on a long run after 12:00pm for some reason.

I hung out with Joe for most of the afternoon (we were supposed to study, but then there were more important things to do like watch two episodes of Modern Family, and catch the Timberwolves v. Kings game).

Joe’s mom’s friend made this mixed rice dish (it had rice, seaweed, fish roe, chicken, some pickled radish… basically a bunch of leftover stuff that can be found in a sushi shop, mixed together. YUM!)

(a nice heavy drizzle of Sriracha sauce never hurts, yeah?).

Then Joe went to basketball, and I went to the gym.

I made it a nice long session since I carbo-loaded yesterday:

Stair climber (never-ending staircase kind): 30 minutes, starting at level 10, then working up to level 13 (switching between level 12 and 13 for most of it).

Treadmill: 5K (3.1 miles) in 25min 21 sec (I started from 7.0 mph, and slowly work up to 8.0 mph. You can move up whenever you want to by 0.1 mph, but you cannot go down. Finishing speed was 8.0 mph. I went up about every 2.5 to 3 minutes). This can help with keeping the pace really strong as it gets really tougher near the end.

Elliptical: 30 minutes (switching incline, keeping resistance at 11. Did 15 min going forward and 15 min backward).

Treadmill: Cooldown for 0.5 miles (5 minutes).

By the way, I usually keep the incline on the treadmill at 1% unless I’m doing some walking hills. This is because the treadmill is easier than running in outdoor conditions (where there are fluctuations in terrain/incline and wind resistance).


Michael and I are going to check out this Kick-boxing/Conditioning studio for one of their circuit strength training classes (I bought a Groupon for that studio. $20 for one month, unlimited classes).

Hope it’s fun (and super challenging)!

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