Running Essentials, and 2012 Goals

Let me talk to you about my essentials for running:

First off, always wear SUNSCREEN. I’m liking this Aveeno one, but find a form you like (spray, lotion, stick) and use it ALWAYS.

(Hey, if I told you that sun damage will cause some bad early onset wrinkles later on, will you use it more diligently?).

I always like to take my Garmin Forerunner 405 with me as well:

I even use it when I go hiking (this is when I went with my friend Tati in the first week of January):

Of course, wear good, comfortable shoes (do NOT just dust off some old ones from high school. Get fitted with a good pair of shoes!) and moisture-wicking clothes… because I sweat like the pro’s:

(This is kind of an old picture. I like Kevin Love… the one with Morrison’s elbow in his mouth).

[And on a side note, take a look at this guy]:

(No judgment, dude. I would have done the same thing… but with a mad crazyface on).

I always wear my hair in a ponytail/bun and a hairband to keep the bangs off my face.

Another running “essential” is a touch of MAKE UP.

Okay, okay, sounds weird right? Well after running and thoroughly enjoying my first few races, I found out that without make up on, I look like this:

So to remedy that, I put on some eyeliner and pencil in some eyebrows and I at least look okay for someone who is running so early in the morning:

(This was the Jingle Bell Rock 5K, benefiting the Toys for Tots… hence the reindeer headband).

So those are my essentials for going out for a run (I usually take an MP3 player, but sometimes, I just choose to enjoy the sounds around me).


Let’s talk about setting goals for this year. First, make it CLEAR and SPECIFIC. Don’t say something that is too general (such as, “I’m going to lose weight”). You can make it measurable by putting a number on it BUT I advise to go with an accomplishment instead.

I would love to hear people say, “I’m going to train for and run my first race this year!” (important to note that you should be TRAINING for these races. That will make you really fit!).

Or also, “I am going to bench my own body weight by the end of the year!” (which by the way, LADIES… it won’t make you huge. Leanne Rimes did it and she looked really lean and stuff. This was a couple years ago before she got all weirdly skinny and stuff).

Here are my (fitness) goals for 2012:

1) Get a PR (personal record was 1:45) when I run the San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (this is my favorite race of the year! It was my where I ran my first half marathon in 2009, and I have run it every year since then).

2) Learn how to bench with good form (Usually, I attempt to bench press like twice a year (not including the machine ones, but those don’t really count in this case). This year, I’ll work on doing it consistently AND use proper form (right now, I bench in a weird way that uses more shoulders than pecs).

3) TWO PULL-UPS! Okay. Last year, when I wasn’t too heavy, I was able to do one and a half (so… basically just one). Then I got a little bottom-heavy, and my weak upper body couldn’t handle even one. I want to be able to do TWO PULL-UPS by the end of this year!

4) Get a PR when I run the full marathon. I think I’ll stick with the California International Marathon. It was an all-around wonderful race, and I have such great feelings just thinking about the experience

Here are my spiritual and mental goals for 2012:

1) Do QT/daily devotion BEFORE checking email and other stuff. I’ve been pretty good at keeping this going. I love devoting the first part of my morning to God (instead of giving Him whatever leftover time I may have once in a while).

2) Stop beating myself up. I am really an all-or-everything-goes-to-crap kind of person. If I feel like I failed on a little part of something, I just give up the whole thing. I later fall into a hole of guilt and shame, and it’s just a pitiful (and stupid?) thing to keep putting myself through. I’ve got to be mentally tougher!

3) Love those who are hard to love. It’s so EASY to love the wonderful, friendly, funny, loveable people out there. But there are people who just don’t gel with us sometimes, and I feel that God is asking all of us to reach out to and care for those people.

(Hey, I’M not very loveable to some people, so even if it’s hard to approach someone who is as big and loud as I am, just do it. God will delight in that).


What are your goals for 2012? (If you say “lose weight”, I’ll be mad at you)

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