Working Out with Paper Plates

I went to the gym with Michael today. We did upper body weights, and I went to the BIG BOY section with all the scary barbells and stuff.

I haven’t done the bench press in a looooong time, but  I made that goal today (in the previous post) and I decided to get started on it. Guess what? It was so much fun!!!

I’m going to go out and make this goal… to BENCH ONE REP of MY BODY WEIGHT by the end of this year! Haha, it might possibly be all the endorphins talking, but it’s too late now. I’ve set a new goal 🙂

We even did incline and decline bench press. SO GREAT! My arms felt like wet noodles after, and my hands were shaking when I tried to drink some water. I LAV IT!

By the way… I can only bench about 3 sets, 8 reps each of 65 pounds. I totally thought I would be able to do like 90 pounds, no problem… hehe. I’ve got a long ways to go!

We did lat pull-downs and triceps burnouts, and I showed Michael some of the shoulder burnouts I like to do. It was such a good gym visit (and I didn’t even THINK about doing cardio!)


So what’s this paper plate workout?

Well you can start off with the paper plates at your feet, and be in good plank position. Shoulders over wrists and away from your ears, tailbone tucked under (except my butt is so big you can’t tell it’s tucked in), and abs engaged (that means you need to pretend that you’re doing these moves in your swimsuit… flex those abs!).

Then pull your knees toward your right elbow, keeping core tight the whole time:

Go out to plank and repeat on the other side:

You can also put the plates at your hands and alternate pushing the plates out in front of you.  Keep the core tight and try it for a minute (you’ll feel it in other places, too)

Another good one for the core is done through the stability ball (Michael will kindly demonstrate for us):

(Remember the same things as before… shoulders over elbows and away from your ears, tuck in your butt, and keep your abs engaged).

Then draw your right knee toward your right elbow (he brought it all the way up, it’s just that whoever took the photo is slowfaced).

Bring your foot back and balance it (without setting your foot down), then bring it back up to your knee. Do a few reps like this on one side, then switch.

This next exercise does not require a wide range of motion, but it does need balance and control.

Start in plank position on the ball

…and simply bring your elbows out a little in front of you (keep abs engaged!)

Repeat as many times as you can. Even just holding the plank position on the ball is great for core stability!


Good rest day from cardio! I’m so glad I got my weight-lifting in! I’m totally planning on doing a long run tomorrow, though (since I didn’t work legs at all today)


I’ll show other core moves some other time.

Do you have any good core exercises?

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