DOMS, and San Jose is Great For Women!

So yesterday was the internet black out thing, so I did not blog.

I DID however have DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness/ “muscle fever”). I’ve heard a few guys mention having this after good workouts. I also read that it is felt more strongly 24 to 72 hours after strenuous exercise… o_O which is right now.

Why am I so sore? All that heavy LIFTING in the weight room on Tuesday really wrecked my upper body muscles…



kind of…

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Stupid lat pulldowns (it was like 8 or 10 reps… can’t remember… for three sets).

(I did 80 pounds, and then three sets of pulldowns with a different handle… 80#, 70#, 70#)


and BENCHING, of course!

No, I don’t mean this kind:


I mean THIS one:

(This lady is STRONG. I could only do 65# :P).


Although I said on Tuesday that I was going to do a long run on Wednesday, I actually felt my inner thighs and butt/hamstrings from all the cardio on Monday, and I felt like I had the flu yesterday from an achy upper body.

So yesterday = another REST DAY.

I am going to try to be super good this year and rest when my body tells me to rest. Much harder than it sounds… at least for someone like me. <— this is about one of my marathon training runs from last November.


So I when I was at the gym for cardio on Monday, I read an interesting article in Women’s Health. It was featuring the healthiest cities in America, and San Jose made the list!

Not ONLY did our area make the list, but we’re #2! (we got beat out by Raleigh, NC).

Why are we #2? Well it talks about how we get over 300 days of sun every year and how our overall fitness is great! That means, with regular moderate exercise, we (women) don’t get sick as often (and it makes our lungs stronger, too).

So the sunny days should encourage ya’ll to go out for a run!

(If you haven’t taken a look, you can read about my running essentials)


Have you ever experienced DOMS?



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