Awesome 10 miles

Woke up bright and early this morning at 4:30am.

Okay, so maybe it was dark and early. I woke up that early because I had gone to bed around 10:00pm last night… and I just couldn’t sleep anymore.

Yup, I have officially turned into a 79-year-old.

My mom was awake around 5am, and we were hanging out in the kitchen when the sun started to rise. (She had noticed that I had been taking random pictures of things lately, so she told me I should probably capture the sunrise).

(By the way, my little camera doesn’t do this sunrise justice)

(My mom even woke up my dad and made him take some pictures with his ACTUAL, fancy shmancy camera). He called me a noobface when I was trying to take the pictures through the closed window.


Vanna got excited because of all the hubbub.


After some breakfast, I headed out for a nice run:

(This is my favorite place to do long runs. It’s the Los Gatos Creek Trail! I’ll show you guys the whole thing some time if you want to run for 3 hours straight)

Today’s run: 10 miles in 1 h 27 min (pace: 8:42). I walked another 0.25 mile to my car.

What was so awesome about today’s run? I didn’t look at the time at every mile! I just put my radio to K-LOVE, and jogged at a comfortable pace (slow enough to hold a conversation, fast enough to break a good sweat). I just ran how much I wanted to and looked at the time at the end. It was SO LIBERATING!

Sometimes, when we run, we lose the joy of running because we get caught up in the splits and pace and blah blah blah. It’s awesome to just run and praise the Lord during the whole thing!


And what’s an awesome way to fuel after? Jamba Juice with my younger brother, Michael!


Why do I have the happyface on?

All three of these (COMBINED) cost just $5!!!

(24 hr fitness was giving out coupons. We took advantage of it because it expired today).

(We also made a pit stop to Target to pick up some extremely important things like Greek yogurt and coffee).


I later decided to get some veggies and greens into my day, so I made this salad (chicken breast, broccoli, lettuce, cranberries)

… with some of this to jazz it up:

(It’s quite sweet, but I really like it! Definitely makes me crave salad :D)


Before our Sisters’ Accountability and Prayer (SAP) group met, I got to grab a quick dinner with Tammy.

We met at Panera! And I got another salad:

(Mentioning Panera twice in my blog = Panera should send me a $100 gift card. It’s only fair, right?)


Our sisters’ group had an AMAZING meeting. We really got to share what was burdening us these days and had a great time praying for each other. We stayed like an hour and a half extra just to talk!

I thank and praise the Lord for this day! It was awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

One response to “Awesome 10 miles

  1. Haha I like the
    “Vanna got excited because of all the hubbub.” Haha I can see her tail wagging in the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

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