Weekend Full of Indulgence

Friday night was pretty fun. We watched the Timberwolves v. Clipper game.

It’s always lovely to watch my current favorite basketball player (Kevin Love) score the game winner:


We also took advantage of the happy hour:

Joe’s siblings, Josh and Esther, were able to join us!

We ordered more food

(By the way, these are the steak nachos and they were not good… I would recommend ya’lls stay away from this. There was some weird cheese sauce-ish thing that made all the tortilla chips super soggy. Oddly enough, I somehow ate more than half of it).


With the sodium overload on Friday night, and having a REST day, I woke up before our Saturday Bible study this morning to sweat on our elliptical while watching Fringe!

After Bible study, Joe and I hit the weight room. I originally planned on doing my whole upper body like last time which left me super sore… but I only did chest and triceps.

Joe is super strong and is working on benching 300 POUNDS. Yeah. That’s like almost twice my weight 😉

Today’s Chest and Triceps workout:

Bench: 3 sets (excluding one warmup set with 45#), and 70# today (reps 8, 7, and 6)

Incline: 1 set of 10 reps with 45#, 2 sets with 50# (8 and 7 reps)

Decline: 2 sets? 65# (I think 8 and 6 reps… or maybe 5. I was super tired, but Joe thought I was just being lazy on that last one. I think he was right, hehe)

Then some burnout triceps extensions with 30#, then 40# (just did as many reps as we could for about 5 sets).


I got to have dinner with some lovely ladies today!

This is Helen and Julie

This is Noel! You can read about how Noel and her husband changed my life! They are the ones that made me realize that I love pounding the pavement and running road races. And by the way… SHE’S PREGNANT!

Our dinner was at The Counter, which is a burger place. I ordered a chicken salad, dressing on the side. Yeah. I’m one of those people.

Guess what? I was actually being super strategic in my choice. By the end of dinner, everyone finished their burgers and they were too full to eat THESE:

Those sweet potato fries were AWWWWESOME! I ate every last one. The thin french fries were pretty good, too… but nowhere close to the sweet potato fries.

After dinner, we headed over to Noel’s place and had the most important meal of the day…

Several helpings of dessert:

Noel’s dad luckily brought over some Paris Baquette! So I helped myself to a bit of everything, along with some super delicious chai tea latte.

We got to play a bunch with Ginger, Noel’s cute dog!

I got to have my special one-on-one time with the cute fluffiness

Don’t mind my awkward toe in the second picture. When you run a lot, your feet start doing weird things in retaliation. My feet truly take a lot of abuse when I run.

For some reason, my face also decided to retaliate. I guess I should take care of it better, too.

My apologies to Noel… her poor dog has only one good ear now.

Hehe, I joke.


I will probably try to get a back and biceps workout in tomorrow after church. I also need to do some long sweaty cardio because I filled up with all those carbs.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a Happy (Lunar) New Year 🙂

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