Lazy Days

I am going to be really honest and up front with you… I am super duper lazy these days.

Before we get to that, let’s run through the day!

My younger brother, Michael, made me a latte.

Well, ok. Maybe he looks like this now:

It was a soy vanilla latte, to be exact. He made it pretty, but I added a bit more foam and ruined the prettiness.


We went to Trader Joe’s to pick up a BUNCH of fruit. The young adults at our church were in charge of getting fruit and egg rolls for the New Years’ Luncheon!

Everyone gathered in the kitchen to prep:

Then, we were ready to serve. I love that many of the ladies wore the traditional Korean dresses.

Food was GREAT! and it included a bunch of things. There was rice and mandoo (potstickers) buried under there, too. It’s pretty hard to make this plate look pretty because I just kept piling everything on top of each other. Oh well.

I got a bunch of fruit, rice cakes, that thing near the bottom which I don’t know the name of, and also a mango jelly candy.

This came in a little late, but it’s basically rice cake wrapped in kalbi! Even though I was so full, I just had to try it (I ended up eating another one soon after).


I was supposed to work out after church, but because I was full up to my neck, I just couldn’t think about exerting any energy.


In the evening, I ate and drank up to my neck once more. It was the happy hour at Outback Steakhouse! Although we’ve been enjoying these good deals, I really need to start getting back to a good eating routine. I have been bloated all weekend!

At least Joe ordered this appetizer (seared ahi tuna salad) for me. It’s nice to see some greens… even if it has high-calorie dressing all over it. I felt a tiny bit less guilty about eating the wings, chicken quesedilla, bread, and having some drinks.


SO, going back to my problem…

I AM LAZY about studying this quarter. I really can’t get myself to study anything right now.

Remember, I only have ONE Bio class, and I can’t seem to be disciplined in studying the material.

It has been two weeks, and I haven’t made myself sit and try to learn/understand the material. Now I’m totally behind and it seems too big to even attempt!

Okay, okay, I know I’m being a drama queen and it can simply be remedied by STUDYING. But everything seems so much more fun or important when I should be studying.

Food tastes better, colors are brighter, shows are funnier, routine tasks become super important… I’ll even look for things to distract me. I even FLOSSED today. WHAAA??? (Just  to let you know, I floss only a couple times a year, and it’s usually in the week or two before I go to see my dentist. I know, I know, I should do it more often).

This is obviously super duper minor, but it’s still stressing me out like crazy! Maybe I’m also on edge because I didn’t run yesterday, and I didn’t even break a sweat TODAY! Yikes.


Well, garsh. Tomorrow is a new day. I have a full week ahead of me to buckle down. (I was actually pretty good about studying last quarter, but I just can’t get things moving for this one).

Ya’ll got any tips?



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