Back and Biceps

What a great and productive day (way better than yesterday)!

Before going to class, I made myself some breakfast. I usually whip out a banana and flavored Greek yogurt, or some banana+PB on toast, but I think I need to get back to my SUPERFOODS again.

One of my secrets to getting into rockstar shape a year and a half ago was eggs.

This was an egg and cheese potato bread panini, done on the Foreman Grill. It took maybe 4 minutes to assemble and panini-ize. It was getting all lovely and crispy while my coffee was on the pot.

So back to eggs. They are the perfect protein. And eat the yolk, people (unless you have high cholesterol or something and you were advised against it by a healthcare professional). I used to eat two eggs EVERYDAY. It was filling, delicious, and my hair became really shiny and healthy.

Plus, eggs are so versatile, and you can make so many things with it! I used to even just cover it in sriracha/ rooster sauce and pop the whole thing in my mouth. I only advise this if your mouth is as spacious as mine AND you have some water nearby.


I had my three hour lab, followed by a two-hour lecture, followed by a headache and frowny face, followed by work. I went straight to the office from school and did about 45 minutes of studying before my student arrived.

I felt so productive! After being such a whiny, stressed-out BLOB for the weekend, I knew I had to buckle down and just get things done.

I took that energy to the gym and ran on the treadmill and lifted weights!

Treadmill: exactly 40 min, 4.75 miles. Always include about 5 to 10 minutes of warming up. You should be able to talk normally), and then let things get all crazy sweaty. I was going to move up toward 8.0 mph earlier on, but I was reading some interesting things in my magazine, so I didn’t get to push it until near the end. Whoops.

Back and Biceps:

I like to start out with the big muscle groups first, meaning the entire back. It will be big movements (like lat-pulldowns and rows).

Lat pulldown: I started with this narrow grip one because all the other ones were taken. 80#, 10 reps. 90#, 8 reps. I also did something with the negatives In this case, it is where the bar is headed back up. Instead of just going down and up with the same counts, I pull the bar down (back muscles contract), then slow it down by like 4 or 5 counts on the way back up (when the muscle is releasing). Joe explained this to me one time and told me it’s good for back workouts. I don’t remember what it’s called though.

Rows: 80#, 8 reps. 70# 8 reps. I did the longer negatives here, too.

Lat pulldown (wide grip): I thought I would be a rockstar and do a heavy weight, but I only managed to do 65# for 3.5 reps, and 60#, 3.5 reps. WEAK.

Biceps: I did some curls where one arm stays isometric at 90 degrees and the other arm curls for 5, then switch. Do each arm 3 times for a total of 15 reps. You can always go heavier and do 4 instead of 5. I included some hammer curls and traditional bicep curls.

Shoulders: Yikes. No idea how to explain my shoulder workouts. You will just have to join me to see it. It was pretty amazing.

I switched over from the 12.5# freeweights to 6# for my burnout sets. I will have to put my burnout exercises here some time (there’s no way I can explain it properly). It will make you look like you’re in the middle of a sneeze and constipated at the same time… it seriously BURNS every part of your arms!


For dinner, I considered just eating a Clif bar and Greek yogurt, but then I remembered the Panera Poppyseed dressing I bought.

I always grab random things from the fridge to mix into my salad. Today, I had mixed greens, chicken breast, beans (at the bottom), broccoli, and a whole apple!

That huge bowl of salad was gone in 6 minutes. My muscles were shredded and needed the fuel, I guess.

Looking forward to the flu-like feeling that will come in the next couple of days :).

Oh! And lookie what I got in the mail!

That is one hundred dollas, my friends. I got it using the points from my credit card. I was racking up a bunch of points and didn’t even know I could get gift cards until Michael told me. I already got $100 from Sephora. Haha, I have no self-control with this kind of thing.

This Nike card will probably be used at the Nike Factory store. I’m going to get shoes for cross-training/plyometrics/anything besides running.

I also need to get a new pair of running shoes, but I’m going to get them from RoadRunner Sports next month.


I’m actually going to study more right now (say whaaaaaat?).

Did you have a productive Monday?

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