Just came back from an awesome run! I’m high on endorphins, and feeling amaaaaazing!

Yesterday was some kind of National Peanut Butter day, and I didn’t even eat peanut butter! Whaaaaat?

I can probably make up for that by eating it twice today.

I used the Foreman grill to make a banana, peanut butter, potato bread panini. So so so good.

So here is the beautiful top that Joy and Susan Y got for my. I am a dork and will wear/use anything new the first chance I get. I love ANY SHADE OF PURPLE (royal purple, lavender, periwinkle, etc).

Those compression pants are from Old Navy. Fifteen dollaaaaz. That’s how I roll. It’s not cheap. it’s inexpensive.

I’m now going to be a super snob about running because I have this extremely cute top (Lululemon!!! I was always jealous of all the people wearing their cute clothes. This top is soooo comfortable!!

Thank you Susan and Joy!! I’m so happy that you guys get me. I love anything and all things exercise/running-related. This top hit it right on the money

I’m even wearing a purple sports bra because I love purple.


I don’t know if it was the cute top or something, but I ran super well today. Everything came together… perfect weather, delicious breakfast, no rushing.

I walked about 0.20 miles before starting the clock. I took the first mile easy (8:20) to warm up, then kicked it into a higher gear. About 2 miles in, I realized that I forgot to bring anything to drink! Good thing that there were water fountains at the parks along the trail.

I wasted some time around the middle of my run because I thought there would be a fountain, and I was walking to look for it, but it wasn’t there. Darn… there goes 30 seconds.

Anywho, still a great run!

Today’s run: 7 miles in 55min 55sec. (7:59)

So that would be 1 mile at 8:20, and miles 2 to 7 at about 7:56 pace. I walked/jogged another 0.20 mile to my car, absolutely beaming.

My last mile was around 7:40, too. I love finishing at a pace where I am working so hard that bystanders consider if they have to catch me or not (just make sure to cool down after). I even put up my arms as if I just crossed a finish line.

Who cares if people stare… I don’t know them. They’ll just think I’m a weird Asian girl who’s high on endorphins, and they would be 100% correct.


Need to do my speedy-shower-and-get-ready routine and get to class! Then I have work for a few hours after.

How’s your Wednesday going so far?

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