Great Tool for Recovery

After my run today, I was hobbling to class because my left knee was bothering me (it was actually on the outside, meaning stupid IT band problems!).

I was definitely waiting for class and work to end so I can go home and take care of it.

After class, I stopped by at Joe’s. I asked him kindly if he could make me some espresso, and he sure did (add 5 awesome-boyfriend points)

Looks kind of like Guinness, huh? The students probably would have complained to their parents that their tutor’s breath smelled weird if I did that. But coffee breath is not that much better. Oh, well.

Hobbling up and down those stupid stairs at work is not fun. I raced home and took out one of my favorite tools!


It’s pretty simple, but it really helps to roll out any tight knots or places racking up a lot of scar tissue.

I used it on the side with the IT band tightness, and it already helped a lot. I left the foam roller in my mom’s room and she’s sleeping, so I’ll have to use that later when she wakes up.

I also used it on my abs because they are SORE from an amazing core workout that I did on Monday.

Know what makes this tool work even better? Having someone do it for you:

This was the night before my (and Susan’s) first full marathon. Joy kindly rolled out Susan’s tight calves, and induced a state of drooling relaxation… or was she screaming because it hurt so good? I can’t remember.

Speaking of our first marathon, spending that weekend together with Joy and Susan was sooooo fun! I thank God so much for providing me with these wonderful sisters who understand what it means to spend all this monies to run a race!

Thank you, Joy, for: driving us around, taking pictures, gathering our things, cheering us on, and for all the support you gave us the whole weekend!

Thank you, Susan, for: giving me a bunch of tips, bringing those hand warmer packs, meeting up with me to run at the track a few times before the race, being there to share of pain of not being able to eat fruits/veggies, and always having such a lovely smile to put me in a good mood 🙂

And thank you to your Aunt Misty for driving all the way up to Sacramento that morning with her husband and son just to support me (okay, and I guess support Susan, too). Hehe

(Sorry! I don’t have a great picture with all of them in it, but she made that sign for me!!! I even saw her along the way, around mile 20-something).


Now I want to sign up for another marathon with them.


Dinner today was totally yum:

I decided to take my time to eat this salad, so it took me 7.5 minutes. I know, super slow, huh?

It had mixed greens, an EGG (remember how I’m trying to have at least one egg per day?), chicken, broccoli, an apple and the poppy seed dressing. Yeah, it basically looks like it’s just all apple right? I meant to put only half the apple and then eat the other half with peanut butter, but I was so hungry and ended up just dumping it all in there.

I might as well just eat a spoonful of peanut butter by itself now.


Do you use any tools for recovery? Any routine you always use after a work out or run?

2 responses to “Great Tool for Recovery

  1. lol good times! and the stick! *ahhh it tickles!!!” lol
    your salad looks very yum right now. hope your ITB gets better!

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