Birthday Dinner with the Sisters

I love waking up to make this in the morning. Egg, cheese, sriracha sauce, on wheat bread, nice and panini-ed.

Then I went out to hang out with this cutie.

It was so warm outside! I just sat on the ground and pet her a bunch.

After about 20 minutes, she started acting all weird and crying…

… I realized she wanted breakfast. Garsh. She would rather eat than hang out with me.


Today was a rest day from running (my left ITB is still tight).

I did about 15 minutes of a tough core workout, then followed it with 10 minutes of yoga. I should do a post of why we all need a little yoga in our lives. My whole back-body feels so much better today!

I tried to do some more core work, but my abs were too tired, so I just ate a snack instead. Chobani Greek yogurt with a super ripe banana= delicious.

I went to work for a few hours, and then I made my way to La Paloma for dinner with the sisters at church! We were celebrating January birthdays (that’s MEEEEEEEE!)

This is Jane and Addie:

Gina and Minnie (check out the cute red cloud sticker on her sleeve. It’s from her son)

Karen and Tammy:

Joy, Sandy, and Jenn:

Me and Olivia:

So dinner was pretty good. We were actually celebrating birthdays for like half the group! And, my, did we have enough food to go around!

Plenty of this business:

For my dinner, I actually wanted something simple like street tacos… and these came pretty close! Two chicken soft tacos (corn tortillas are a must!), onion, cilantro, with salsa and amazing guacamole!

I usually enjoy guac, but this one was REALLY GOOD for some reason. I took more of Jane’s when she offered. I didn’t even ask, “Are you sure?” I just took it all. How rude of me, hehe.

Jenn needed to take off a bit earlier, so we said our goodbyes (and Happy Birthday!)

Then… perhaps it was all the good food and good company…

but we started to get weirdsies.

I LOVE doing funny faces with Tammy because she is a PRO! She definitely won’t leave me hangin’ when I ask for a weird photo.

If you thought THAT was good, check out these girls:

Just to let you know, even though I call them “girls”, they’re actually ALL MOMS. Their children are so blessed to have such amazing mothers!

I tried to get Olivia and Gina to do a weird picture. They’re such rookies compare to that crazy girl on the left.

After dinner, we headed over to Honeyberry. Addie introduced me to my new favoritest dessert ever… HONEY BREAD (or Honey toast? I kind of forgot the name)

That, my friends, is 2 THICK toast with some kind of honey butter spread in the middle, and coffee ice cream in the center under the whipped cream.


I will come back and get this after I run another marathon and eat it all by myself.

This affogato (espresso shot poured over ice cream) didn’t look too bad either.


Today was a pretty awesome Thursday. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful sisters around me!

How was your Thursday?

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