Embrace the Burn

I had a pretty lame breakfast this morning… Greet yogurt and UNripe banana. Boo.

But Michael and I set out to the gym for a chest& triceps, and shoulder workout.

I got myself pumped before going to the gym:

Here are the steps to get yourself pumped in a photo:

1. Set timer on camera.

2. Misplace your pride.

3. Have no shame.

4. Flex and put your game-face on.

If you take these steps, not only will you have an awesome gym session, but other people will think you’re super cool, and you will have so many admirers.

Here is today’s Chest, Triceps, and Shoulder workout:

Bench Press: 65# warmup, 10 reps. 75#, 8 reps. Then maybe 70#, 8 reps? I need to start writing these down.

Incline bench press: 50 #, 8 reps. Total of 3 sets.

Decline bench press: 55# 8 reps, 50# 7 reps, 50# 6 reps (unfortunately, I started laughing at the last one and I couldn’t eek out any more).

Triceps: extensions with 30#, 10 reps. Then 20#, 20 reps, 2 sets. Triceps kickbacks: 10#, 15reps each side, 3 sets.

Shoulders: Again, it’s pretty hard to describe my shoulder workout, but I used 10# for most of it (there’s some overhead press variations and lateral raise variations).

Burnout shoulders: used 5# and did variations, 20 reps for everything, and everything was burning. There are some small movements (like pulses) and other wider range motions (pec-deck, as seen in BodyPump).

After the workout, I had some of this yummy protein drink. It tastes like chocolate milk! Michael confirmed the deliciousness.

Some people are totally surprised when they learn that we are siblings. Others think that we are twins. What do you think?

Great start to the morning!

I’m taking another day off of running because I really, really don’t want to get injured where I’m out for a few weeks. Enough people have warned me, and I would be a fool not to listen to them.


Celebrating my birthday with my siblings and Joe at Outback tonight!!! 😀

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