Birthday Celebration #2

So, I may or may not have gone to the gym again before my few hours of work today.

I may or may not have done some of every cardio equipment besides the treadmill.

I may or may not have been lured by the empty treadmills and run a bit even though I’m not supposed to.

My gym sesh may or may not have looked like this:

Stairclimber: 20 minutes. Did warmup at level 11 for a few minutes. Then climbing with 1 min hard and 1-2 min recovery. Built up from level 11 to SIXTEEN. That one minute on level 16 was basically all on my toes. I’ve never gone this fast, but I loved it! I will definitely incorporate more of this in my workouts.

Elliptical: 10 minutes (varying incline and at resistance 11)

Bike: 10 minutes (maintain above 90 rpm)

Treadmill: 12 minutes, 1.5 miles (build from 7.5 mph to 8.0).


… it may not have been like this… but it mostly likely was. BUT, my ITB was not giving me any issues! Thank the Lord!


Dinner was at Outback Steakhouse. I’m celebrating it a bit earlier with my siblings and Joe since I have a test on Monday, and I won’t really be able to enjoy myself on Sunday (my actual birthday) if I have to study.

My, oh my. Isn’t Joe just the best at making pictures awkward? Or maybe it’s a big joke and he’s just being funny by acting like he’s bad at photos. Maybe.


Their bread is good, but what made it better was honey butter. I never knew they had it! It makes the bread THAT much better.


Whoops, I took a bite before taking a picture… but I got the grilled Mahi. I actually really liked it because I put about two tablespoons of Tabasco and one tablespoon of pepper all over the rice and fish (not because the flavor was bad, but because I love Tabasco sauce and fresh ground pepper).


Everyone enjoyed their meals!


And it was time for dessert. It has some brownie stuff at the bottom, vanilla ice cream, and oreo crumble all over it. I was so nice to let everyone have a bite… before I polished it off.


We left Outback, and Joe and I went to get my cake from Bijan! It was white cake with custard, and plenty of yummy fruits and candied almonds all over the sides (AWWWESOME).


Also, Miss Vanna was so happy to see Joe 🙂

He was pretending to eat her treat and she didn’t like that. Then he told her to “stay”, and then she got her treat:


For our after-dessert activity, we played Pictionaryman again!

This is Pictionaryman’s backside (do you see his subtle butt? hehehe):

You use the marker on the objects or the man, and you can draw on them, make them act out the clues… it’s really fun! And you have to get super creative sometimes.


And I may or may not have had about 2.5 of these:

Hey, it’s my birthday weekend. I eat whatever I want!


I want to go running tomorrow morning before Bible study. I hope my ITB will not bother me and just let me run!

I will be this happy if I get to run tomorrow:


Hope ya’lls had a fun Friday night, too!

Any plans for the weekend?

Any long run or race happening this weekend?


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