My Day Started at 4AM

So my days started BEFORE 4:00 AM because around 3:30AM, I was wide awake. This has been happening from time to time, and it’s pretty annoying…

… but at least I got a lot done already. I was reading some blogs while making coffee, did my Daily Devotional and Scripture-writing (remember my lifetime goal of having handwritten the whole Bible?), did about an hour of studying for Biology class, and got a great workout in!

All before 9AM? YUPS. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to take a giant nap after Bible study, but at least I got my usual stuff out of the way.

Today’s workout:


Stairclimber/stairmaster: This is becoming one of my favorite cardio equipment. 10 min warmup at level 11; then switch off 1 min at 12, 1 min recover at 11; 1 min level 13, recover at level 11; 1 min 14… you get the idea. It keeps building every other minute. Guess what… I went to LEVEL 18!!!! That one minute was super duper hard! I got my inspiration from an amazingly fit blogger and she went up to level 19! So this stairs workout was 25 minutes long, and I was super tired afterwards.

Treadmill: Though I was tired, when I hopped on and put it to 7.5mph, I was cruising (I guess 1% incline is way better than stair-stepping). So I did a ladder workout where I keep building up the speed for 10 minutes, then work my way back down for another 10 minutes. The last part was supposed to be back around 7.5, but I sped it up for the last minute so that I finished at 8.5mph, hehe. So in 20 minutes, I covered 2.65 miles. Swit.

Back & Biceps: LAME. I don’t think I’m supposed to try to lift all heavy after 45 minutes of super intense cardio. I did 3 sets each of heavy rows (75#) and lat pulldowns (55#), but the reps were around 6 to 8. I did some dumbbell rows with 12’s, tried to do biceps curls with them, but I started having funky form because my arms were dead, so I switched to 8’s. WEAK.

I should have just nixed the back/biceps workout and saved it for another day… oh, well. Now I know.


So I signed up for another race in March. It’s called Jenny’s Light Run. It’s in Los Gatos, which is really close to my house, so I’m going to run the 10K.

I’ve actually never done this distance before… well, technically, I have. I ran a very disorganized race where they did not put a turn around marker! So all the 10K runners ended up running about 7.5 miles instead of 6.2, so our times don’t reflect the 10K distance.

This time, I really want to see how fast I can compete at this distance. I have like 7 fast-twitch fibers in each leg, compared to 70,000 slow-twitch fibers… so I’m not as speedy as some people out there. I can, however, settle into a nice and steady speed and go for a veeeerrry long time.

That’s why I want to work on some more speed training this year so that I can get used to feeling super uncomfortable and listen to myself breathe as if I was holding my breath for 4 minutes.

My fastest mile time last year was 6:39. I want to get into the 6:20’s by the end of this year. If God will grace with me with discipline and endurance, I think I can work on making it happen.


Gonna walk Vanna with Michael!

I’ll be off the Bible study, then take a nice nap after, and then I have to do more Biology-studying for the test on Monday. I hope to get enough done so that I can join a TV-show-watching night with some church peoples 🙂


What are your plans for the weekend?


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