Grumpy McStinkerton

Okay, so much of my day was super weird o__O.

Running on about 3.5 hours of poor-quality sleep will do that to you. As you know, I woke up around 3:30 AM for no apparent reason, and could not fall back asleep. I got a lot done, but the lack of sleep caught up to me.

Michael and I took Vanna for a short 1.5 mile walk:

As you can see, there are many hills:

Can you believe this is what the middle of winter looks like in NorCal??

After the walk, I washed up and made some lunch (egg, cheese, sriracha panini):


During Bible study, I could not follow much of the conversation. My mind was lagging, and needed to reboot several times.

I am a girl who gets cranky when she sleeps less than 7 hours. When I cut it down by that much, especially if it is not deep sleep, I can be a real crankypants.

I took a nap on the couch (in and out of sleep, but better than nothing) when Joe and Robin were working on something. We went to Peet’s after, and I felt great!


Joe became really good friends with the cat in Robin’s neighborhood.

He thought she was too needy and rejected her:

Or maybe it’s because it’s someone else’s cat and it would have been weird to let her into Robin’s place.


The TV show-watching thing at Robin’s wasn’t for a few hours, so we watched Minority Report, and Joe watched basketball on the laptop.


We also made some dinner. This was my plate (I baked up some sweet potatoes that were OOZING with sugar! It was like having syrup all over it!). The salad is rotisserie chicken, apples, spinach, and raspberry vinaigrette.


The boys at these:

And the sides were… some kind of pasta chicken thing (with curry?) and potato salad


Everyone started trickling in between 7:30 and 8:00. By this time, I had been parked on the comfy couch for a few hours, and I did not move or offer a seat. TOO TIRED TO BE COURTEOUS.

I’m so glad the sisters were nice enough to understand my crankiness.


We watched the 90-minute pilot of Firefly. On a normal day, I think I could have enjoyed it. On a day with such little sleep? Not so much. Anywho…

Since it’s my birthday tomorrow, Tammy actually bought me a beautiful cake! Thanks, Tammy!!

It was from Paris Baguette. It had really light choux (sp?) cream and strawberries inside. So simple, yet so perfect!

After we enjoyed this around 9:45, I had to bounce. If I had watched another episode or stayed any longer, I would probably have nodded off while driving home (I have been in an accident like that. I would rather not repeat that).


I felt bad about leaving these wonderful church peeps:

But luckily, they were understanding… I think.

I know I can be a grump and have less patience when I sleep very little. Everything becomes too loud, people seem to be talking a mile-a-minute, and I get all stuffy and on edge.

Let’s get real. There are days like that when we will feel off. I know usually, I can be happy and see the bright side… but today was really difficult.

Not to worry! I am going to be in bed in 2.5 minutes, and I plan on sleeping very well tonight. I really dislike days like these, so I pray that God can let me have awesome rest and feel fully recharged by tomorrow.


Sorry to have been Grumpy McStinkerton today, but this just shows how important sleep is! If you are reading this blog waaaay passed your bedtime, just read it in the morning! Go to bed, and get rest!

… and don’t take a good night’s rest for granted!


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