Birthday Sweat

That’s right, friends. First thing I did on my birthday was get all sweaty. I’ll spare you the picture of a super-soaked-Michelle.

I went to Los Gatos County Creek Trail again. It was a beautiful day, starting out in the low 50’s, and being in the upper 50’s when I left. I walked about 0.20 miles to-and-from my car (warmup and cool down, I guess).

Here is how the run went:

Not bad, yeah?

My post workout food? Sweet potato and perfectly-boiled egg. That’s right, eggs. Ya’lls better scream and try to roll off the plate or else I”m going to eat you whole. Mmm, derishious.


I got ready for church and attended the youth worship. Today is the fifth Sunday of the month, so we had an outing with the youth to get lunch! We went to Mitsuwa Market.

Everyone got Japanese ramen:


I don’t much fancy Japanese ramen, especially at like 8 bucks, so I got sushi. For $7.65? YES, PREEJ.


After we ate, Evelyn and I checked out what MOCHICREAM had to offer. It has all these different flavors of mochi, with some cream in it. It’s hard to explain, it’s yummy!

At about 2 bucks each, it’s kind of a pricey dessert, but I think it was worth it. I got all of my favorite kinds of flavors (red sweet potato, regular sweet potato, double mango, green tea, red bean, caramel-something which he recommended).

I only had so many, so I was trying to share a little bit with all the sisters at church. This is Jenn, whose birthday was also earlier this month:

Though I had to ration out the mochi and even cut some into thirds to share them, one of the brothers took one whole thing for himself! *GASP*!!

Ahh, well. He can just buy me one of each flavor, and then I will let it go.

After lunch and dessert were done, Min and I went to Valley Fair to do some shopping at Sephora. I had some monies on the giftcard and it was a very late Christmas present.

Since it was my birthday, and something about racking up points, I actually got two FREE SAMPLES:

Pretty swit, huh?

I was feeling tired because I hadn’t had my 850 mg of caffeine, so we went by this place. Min unnie got dessert for me, as well as a red eye.



Since it’s my birthday, I actually got to get a free eyebrow waxing at Ulta! This was my first time getting my eyebrows waxed!!!


I put on a brave face and got ready:

It was not painful at all! I actually love that feeling, hehe. I was super shocked, however, after the first side was done. I wasn’t used to such a high arch.

BUT after she did the other side and filled it in, it was much better

Her name is Anysia, and she is super duper sweet! I LOVE when people do any sort of makeup/skincare/waxing on my face. Thanks, girl!

When Min unnie and I got back, we watched the boys play some basketball:

If only I knew how to ball, I could burn as many calories as these guys. They can play for 3 hours!

I also wish I could dunk… but that’s probably a wish that I will have to let go of.

After dinner, I wanted to spend some time with Joe. It has been a while since just the two of us got to hang out.

I wanted something kind of quick because I was sooo hungry, so we went to Sonoma Chicken Coupe.

You just can’t go wrong with this salad (unless you’re allergic walnuts, chicken, or blue cheese… or awesomeness).

This was Joe’s plate. Look at all that food! I may or may not have helped him with a bunch of his fries, his chicken, and his cole slaw.

After dinner, we totally had to get dessert. Yogurtland was nearbyish, so off we went.

Mine had mostly the plain tart yogurt, and the toppings were strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, cheesecake bites, and muddy buddies. Had there been more room, I would have gotten twice as many muddy buddies.

We ate dessert in the car because there was no more seats inside. I kind of love doing this: Eating dessert and catching up with Joe whilst enjoying the warmth of the car 🙂


It was a fun birthday! I got to do a LOT today! I also got to enjoy a butt-ton of food.

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes, and I thank God for blessing me with so much in my life!

I told Joe that I think this is going to be a great, fun-filled year 🙂


My brothers and I are going to check out the Kickbox/Conditioning place tomorrow.  Hope we have a fun and a great workout!

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