Core Work

Last night, I went to bed thinking I would run in the morning, but I woke up thinking about studying (I have a Bio lab midterm AND a lecture midterm next Monday. Yes, the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. Isn’t that kind of messed up?).

So instead of taking a bunch of time to go run outside this morning, I plan on saving it for after work. While my brain is still fresh, I will get to studying soon.

I decided I would do some core work, just to get the blood flowin’. I followed the Ab Ripper X video (from the P90X series), as well as the Cardio abs video from Insanity.



Oh, man! I guess it has been a while since I did these videos. I was shaking during the Insanity video during one of the holds! In fact, I was even able to feel my cheeks jiggling… I wonder if that meant I should have rested a bit.

I am expecting to feel pretty sore tomorrow. Speaking of sore, my calves and parts of my hamstrings and quads are sore. It must be because of all the kickboxing work (I was on the balls of my feet for much of the workout last night). My shoulders and back have a slight achy feeling, but nothing too bad. I’m excited for the class tomorrow morning! It will mean we need to bed pretty early though, since the class is at 6:15AM.


I’ll update tonight about my after-work gym session. I hope the stairclimber is available. Perhaps I can get to level 18 for a whole minute again. When I get SUPER in-shape, I hope to be able to do a ladder workout (where I work up to a high level, and work my way down… instead of just ending at the highest level).


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