First Time Kickboxing!

The day started out normally. Same photo as yesterday. Today’s sweet potatoes had peanut butter smeared all over them! Is that weird? I feel like peanut butter can go on anything. Except my eggs… don’t touch my eggs.

I went to school and got super duper owned by the Bio test. I guess only studying for 1.5 hours the night before the test will do that to you. But c’mon, it was my birthday weekend!

Turns out that even if I had studied 5 hours, I still would have gotten owned. Everyone else who studied did quite poorly because of how our professor explained the test format. Most people studied up on the anatomy of everything, but most of the test was about the physiology (even though it was a lab test).

Great. Now everyone is bored. Sorry.


We got to dissect a sheep’s eye after the test. That was actually pretty cool, but I will spare you the picture… just in case you’re reading this at work. It’s not fun to yack on the office computer.

Right after the 3-hr lab, I had about 15 minutes before my 2-hr lecture.

I enjoyed an egg and cheese panini in the car while reading this:


After lecture and a couple hours of work, I had to fuel up for a new work out that Michael and I went to…

It was Condition and Competition Kickboxing!!! We both purchased a Groupon to try it out. I was a little nervous about it, but the little intro class they have for the beginners really made me feel better.

After about 40 minutes of instruction on how to jab, cross, hook, uppercut, knee, and kick, we were ready.

Most of us (the beginners) stayed for the 7:15 class (Cardio Kickboxing), and it was instructed by Coach Ed Carpio! He is the founder and chief instructor. He trained under Cung Le in Sanshou, which is Chinese kickboxing. He is so friendly and motivating! We felt welcomed, comfortable, and definitely got a great workout.

This class that Michael and I went to worked on the whole body. If you only punch with your arms, you’re not punching correctly.

I was a total punching-noob. I usually have my elbows out, chin exposed, feet stationary, and look at the ground or other places. I got to practice how to jab-cross-hook-uppercut with proper form, and it definitely required the whole body to be engaged.

We did some work on the punching bags, lunges (burning quads, mang), pushups, burnout jab-cross, got down on the mat for some tough core work, and many more that I am too lazy to explain right now.

Honestly, the class FLEW BY. We kept switching things up, moving from one exercise to the next, taking turns with the partner… it was so much fun!

If you ever have a chance to try out this gym, you should! Ladies, I think it is a great place to learn how to do these moves! Everyone, this is such a good work out! Ya’lls should definitely try it 🙂

All the other first-timers really enjoyed the class!

Michael and I (and maybe my oppa) will probably try out the Wednesday early morning workout, Circuit Bag Training… if we can wake up.


Not gonna lie, there’s no shower that feels better than one that follows a workout like this… unless it’s after a hard run outside where you had to wear sunblock. Those showers are pretty amazing, too.

I think my upper body will be sore tomorrow since it’s the first time going through this kind of workout. Know what that means? It will be the perfect time for a nice, sweaty run 🙂


Any new workouts you’ve tried lately?

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