100 Miles in January

Before I get to the 100 miles I ran this month, let me show you how I start each day… (and by the way, this post is pretty long).

I start out each day by reading the daily devotional passage, followed by writing it. Today was from Romans Ch. 12:

After the core work this morning, I ate a delicious panini:

BTW, those sugar snap peas and those cuties are SUPER yummy!

I studied for 1.5 hours today!!! That is (sadly) quite a milestone, but I felt really good about the session and plan on studying more tonight.

I wanted to walk Vanna, and since my mom was home, I asked her to join us.

Hehe, my mom’s cute, huh? She and Vanna are alike in that they both have poofy hair and short limbs.  They’re also always happy and energetic 🙂

My mom said she was sore in her butt/hamstrings after we walked last time, and she was so pleasantly surprised! She realized she needed to do more walking. Our neighborhood has FAT hills everywhere.

We covered the same distance, but it was way easier for her this time! She wants to walk longer next time. I must get my love of DOMS from her.

When we got home, I made Vanna earn her treat:

I put a piece on her nose, and a piece on each paw. I made her stay for a good 15 seconds before she started licking her lips and giving a soft whimper. Then I let her have them.


I snacked on this jazz before work:


Work was AMAZING today! I had two students who are usually tough to handle because they rather have erratic behavior or have a mental breakdown. But, wow! A day like this reminds me how wonderful my job is and how much I can grow as a person (patience, patience, gentleness, kindness, more patience).

It was really fun because one of the girls had a breakthrough in one of her tasks, and we had a silent dance party! That’s basically when you dance like crazy in your seat and whisper ,”YAY! HOORAY! WOO HOO!” It left me glowing and bright!

This is probably how Our Father feels when we have a breakthrough, huh? He wants to super high-five us and have a dance party! Too bad we revert to our old ways so quickly. Our God is so patient with us 🙂


After work, I went straight to the gym. My hamstrings were actually getting more sore through the day. YES! I love it! But I was on a mission today…

To cover about 5 miles at the gym.

Stairmaster: 5 minute warmup at level 11. Then alternate one minute hard, one minute level 11, increasing the hard minute each time. I skipped level 15 because it’s a weird speed where I can’t just walk up the steps, but I can’t go fast either. I went up to level NINETEEN TODAY. WHAAAAAAT???

I was done after 20 minutes, and I forgot to check how many miles it was, but it had to have been over 2 miles (when I checked around 10 minutes, it was at 1.5 miles). I rounded down to 2, though.

Know what the cool thing is? After I finished my 1 minute at level 18, the girl next to me, Brita, said that I’m her hero.

Know what’s not so cool? The way I sound when I try to talk after running up the stairs for a minute. I was so loud! I can’t control my volume OR the drool and foamy-mouth-look after going that hard. I shouldn’t be trying to say stuff at a time like that, huh?

Okay. More coolness: I told her that I had one more minute to go (on a level I’ve never done before… 19!), and I wanted HER to try a level that she had never done. She was down for the challenge. Guess what! She did a whole minute on level 15 for the first time!!!

I also talked her into at least trying some Zumba because she had always wanted to try it. She tried it! She said the slower songs were okay, and she’s going to try again next time.

I would have done some Zumba with her, but I had to get some more miles in, and my legs were super tired already.

Treadmill: EASY PACE, switching with running and walking. Covered 3.0 miles in exactly 27 minutes.


So adding up all the miles (well, I just recently started including the stairmaster since it has steps, too. I don’t count elliptical or bike, though) from January, I have run 100.3 miles!!

I celebrated by eating a yummy salad of mixed greens, chicken, apples, sugar snap peas, and Panera’s poppyseed dressing. Sorry it’s all messy-looking, but I tossed it in a bowl like they do at Pluto’s.

Then I ate one of these Dagoba Dark chocolate bars! It was the chiles and nibs one. So interestingly delicious! Plus 7 grams of protein?? Why not!


Hmm… I just checked how much I ran last November (the month right before my marathon)… 123.6 miles! And that’s not including the stairmaster or anything. Whoooaaaa  (o__O )


Hahaha, and to think that even a few years ago, I HATED running! Look how much has changed!

Hope everyone had a great month of January!


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