Spontaneous Dance Party

Just wanted to show you this salad that I ate before going to class. It has spinach, walnuts, chicken, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries (many of the berries are under there), and the poppyseed dressing that I love.

Anyone else enjoy fruit in their salads as much as I do? I think almost any fruit (except banana?) can work in a salad.


So we had a meeting at Cindy’s home today:

It unfortunately led to a Korean-cracker-and-peanut massacre:

Why are crunchy things so addicting??

Anyways, Susan and I decided to start burning off a few of the 100’s of calories we consumed with ZUMBA! We were pretty coordinated for most of it:

This last picture is pretty swit, huh? Maybe except for my awkward feet. They don’t know how to move sideways.

We were off for some other moves… or maybe only I was lost:

But overall, it was so fun! I stopped after 30 minutes because I was beginning to break a sweat (*GASP*! On my rest day??? I know!). We watched Susan do it for another 15 minutes, hehehe.


Don’t you just love having a spontaneous dance party?

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