Buff Bod & Colorful Eats

The day started out with a trip to the gym with Michael. Juni got to join us later during our workout.

We did a little chest, mostly back&biceps, and I did some shoulders.

Remember, when you do these rows, you shouldn’t be rocking back and forth. You should also be squeezing your shoulder blades together as if you’re cracking a walnut there.


Lat pull-downs are super awesome. I did all my sets with the wide(ish) grip.


Okay, so I know a lot of ya’ll ladies (and Joe!?) will freak out at this picture… but it’s okay. The blood pumps to the muscles you’re working out, and it will go back to normalish later on. Plus, with more muscle, you raise your metabolism. Why do you think guys can eat so much?


I know you won’t trust that until I get super lean, so you’ll have to give me a couple months for me to show the results.

Here is today’s workout:

Bench Press: 55#, 12 reps (warm up); 75#, 8 reps; 75#, 7 reps; 65#, 9 reps.

Rows: 60#, 12 reps (warm up); 80#, 8 reps; 80#, 8 reps; 80#, 8 reps (with raised seat- we sat on two large weight plates); 70#, 8 reps (raised)

Lat Pull-down: 80#, 9 reps; 80#, 10 reps; 90#, 4 reps (whoops, I thought I put it at 80).

Biceps 7’s: This is something Michael showed me. You do 7 reps of biceps curls with a bar (I did 20#) going halfway up, immediately followed by 7 reps of going all the way up and halfway down, then followed by 7 reps of full biceps curls (all the way up, all the way down).

Then I did 5’s, and with the 30# bar thingy. Yowza.

Shoulders: I did my usual shoulder workout with 10#, and my burnouts with 5# plates. Goodness gracious, my arms were on FIRE!

Treadmill: I had 24 minutes until we had to leave, so I made it a fast run! I started at 7.0 mph, and went up 0.2 mph every three or four minutes. I was at 8.0 mph from minutes 17 to 20 (pretty tough, but definitely bearable), then climbed down for the last 4 minutes as a cooldown. I sped it back up at the end so I could get 3 miles in 24 minutes. Swit.


After a protein shake and a shower, Michael and I headed out to meet our older brother, Alex, for lunch. Beautiful day, yeah?

We went to Cafe Artemis and OH, MY GOODNESS… it has become my current favorite restaurant.

Why is it my favorite? Because they knew that I love fruit in my salads, and decided to have one on the menu that is PERFECT for me! It has chicken, almonds, avocado, pomegranates, oranges, tomatoes, red bell pepper, and an olive oil dressing.

My brothers were kind to leave me some leftovers for me to enjoy tomorrow :).

Or maybe they were too full sharing THIS beast! It has rice pilaf and bulgar under the piles of kebabs! I only ate some of the beautifully cooked chicken kebabs, but they were raving about the lamb/beef ones.

[Side note: I cannot eat certain meats. If I eat lamb/duck/rabbit/veal/other cute animal by mistake, don’t let me find out. I WILL cry. It will not be a little cry, but the snotty, nasty-looking cry. Nobody wants to deal with a crying Michelle. Trust me].

I was so happy with my colorful meal! Thanks, Oppa!


After driving all over the place for work, I got to go to Pluto’s and have dinner with some mamas! We gots mama Susan:

and mama Noel:


My salad was tasty, and it had an EGG since I hadn’t had one yet today. It also had mixed greens, tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, more squash, broccoli, more broccoli, more sweet potatoes, and raspberry vinaigrette. Also wheat bread on the side.

It was great catching up with the mommies, and after some talking, I headed over to see some more sisters for dessert!

We went to Bitter+Sweet! Here’s Tammy and Chimi:

Here’s Jenn and me:

So this cute cafe has Humphry Slocombe ice cream, and I didn’t get any because I thought it would just be whatevers… but WHOA! It was sooo yummy!!! Jenn got a few of the flavors. She had a good vanilla one in the beginning, and then the two here are sesame (<— I know! It was so pleasantly interesting) and Secret Breakfast. The Secret Breakfast had a hint of rum! Jenn didn’t like it, so I helped her out and demolished it all. Thanks, Jenn!


Oh, yeah. They make some pretty good coffee as well. This is a red velvet latte that Tammy got.


It was also some kind of poetry night, so they were giving out cupcakes. I totally had to get this coffee one.

I was actually planning on eating it in the morning, but Chimi was eating her coffee one, talking about how good it was that I had to try it!… I ended up eating my whole cupcake. Whoops.

Okay. Know what makes this kind cool? If this was me several years ago, I would have been FREAKING OUT for eating so much at night! I would have dug myself a hole and buried myself in shame and defeat.

Tonight, I feel like it was fine. Perhaps I’m running on some kind of muscle fumes from the morning, but I feel liberated, knowing that I indulged, but it is not the end of the world!

I know I still have yet to tell you my story, but I just want to say that even if you feel like you have eaten “bad foods” or overindulged, it shouldn’t subject you to feeling worthless or horrible, which is how I used to feel.

Plus, cupcake and ice cream can count as fuel for a long run, right? (OH! But another thing is not to treat exercise as punishment for having eaten a lot. That’s not cool either… but more on that another day).

I will share my story with you next week (after my two midterms).

Hope ya’lls can make your meals more colorful. Eat your fruits and veggies 😛



8 responses to “Buff Bod & Colorful Eats

  1. Your arms & shoulders look awesome from the back! It doesn’t look at all bulky, but lean and fierce!(I wish I had muscles like that) You’re absolutely right about not feeling bad/guilty about eating those sweets at night. Just like when you stumble on a race, you just pick yourself up and keep going. You don’t just sit there, on the tracks, and cry and feel sorry for yourself. Besides you’re right about the muscle needing more fuel. You probably burned up all the calories while asleep that night (it’s true, I read it somewhere) Keep up the positivity!!

  2. Many females assume that if they do weight training they will get bulky, but it’s so hard for girls to get that bulky look. Female competitive lifters even have a tough time getting bulkier even though they do everything by the book and lift ridiculous weight.
    Adding some weight training to your regimen can actually help girls to lose weight and get stronger at the same time because heavy lifting burns calories at faster rate than regular cardio 🙂 Also, having more muscle raises your BMR (basal metabolic rate) in theory so unless you consume more calories to make up for your higher BMR, you will be able to shed fat fast!

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