The Simple Joys in Life

Know what I will eat every day? Whether it’s morning or night, I will eat these foods: eggs (covered with Sriracha sauce in the messiest way)

and banana and peanut butter (the trick is to have your knife nearby to scoop a generous dollop on each bit of banana. I laav it).

Did you know that these foods, like peanut butter and egg yolk, used to be foods I labeled as “bad” and always avoided? Garsh. If only I could talk to my high school self, she would be so much healthier and happier.


I did my daily devo, and then studied for 1.5 hour.

Then it was time to play with the Vannaboo:

It was such a warm day, and she was getting super sleepy while I was petting her.

Kekekeke, so funny.

Then I ate some of the leftover salad with some extra chicken and soba noodles, about two tsp olive oil, and poppyseed dressing all added in.

I didn’t realize I left some ingredients out yesterday! There are also cucumbers, red onions, and two other herbs (dill? and cilantro). Garsh, do I love this salad!


I’ll be off to the gym to do some stairmastering and treadmilling.


What are the simple joys from your Friday?


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