Saturday Morning Sweatfest

Let’s start off with how my back is super sore in the most delightful way from the workout on Thursday with Michael.

I had a pretty high intensity cardio session yesterday at the gym, so I decided to do an easy run this morning. I started from Saratoga High school, and realized that my GPS wasn’t working! GARSH, does that suck… but not to worry. I just set the timer and ran wherever I wanted.

I started with a mile on the high school track, which is all spiffy and new, btw. Then I headed for the main road and ran around the sidewalks. I came back to the track and did another half a mile of cooldown. This out-and-back course was nice!

I got home and used to calculate my distance. If you are interested in running around your neighborhood but don’t own a GPS watch, this site is great for calculating your route.

Today’s run: 7.5 miles in 1h 3min.

I was a conversational pace, which I loved. No ITB issues, but when I got back to the car, I was dripping with sweat. Who knew your neck can get so sweaty?

I came home and downed a glass of chocolate milk and ate a handful of these cashews. The perfect post-workout fuel, yeah?

I’m going to go walk with my mom and Vanna after she finishes baking some stuff for church.

She’s making chocolate chip biscotti in her PJ’s! Hehehe!

While she was making 100’s of biscotti, I made myself the weirdest-combination-salad.

That’s right, friends. I have two boiled eggs, one cutie, herb mixed greens, and purple sweet potatoes!!! That purple yam was baked, and since it was the size of my forearm, I cut it up and put it all around the plate. I topped it with poppyseed dressing, and it was actually weirdly amazing!!

Ya’ll should try just making a Whatever Salad (where you just dump a bunch of produce into the bowl and mix it up).

I am so full, and feel like there is a brick in my stomach. Good thing we’re going walking right now.


Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Saturday!

(Pray for me to stay focused while I study today 🙂

4 responses to “Saturday Morning Sweatfest

  1. Good luck with the studying! Those biscotti and the salad look awesome! I’m sorry you’re going to be missing out on your favorite television program tonight. :p

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