Today’s gym session was awesome:

Stairmaster: I did intervals of 30 sec hard, 30 sec rest; then 45 sec hard, 45 sec rest; then 60 sec hard, 60 sec rest. It went down one level whenever I went to the next (longer) interval. After a five minute warmup at level 11, here’s how the interval looked:

30 sec at level 18/30 sec level 11

45 sec level 17/ 45 sec level 11

60 sec level 16/ 60 sec level 11.

Then I went to level 8 for 30 sec before my second set:

30 sec level 19/ 30 sec level 11

45 sec level 18/ 45 sec level 10

60 sec level 17/ 60 sec level 10. Then down to level 8 until 15 minutes was up. It said that I covered 2.05 miles. I’ll round down to 2 miles

Treadmill: I gave myself 15 minutes to see how far I could run. Since I was warmed up from the stairs, I went right to 7.5 mph and started climbing up every couple of minutes, finishing at 8.6 mph. I ran 2.00 miles in 15min 24 sec.

Now that I had gone all out for these two lovely pieces of cardio equipment, I did some more cooling down with 15 min on the elliptical (level 10, different inclines) and 15 min on the treadmill (1.80 miles).

I washed up at the gym and headed to work.


After work, I got to hang out with Joe! It seems like forever since we just got to hang out all night! I really hope that Friday could be the night to just unwind.

He asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I said Mitsuwa or something else that I don’t remember.

We went to Mitsuwa Market for some sushi! I got the same one that I got when I went with the youth kids, and Joe got the one with all nigiri.

Joe gave me his salmon and tamago. He doesn’t like the salmon, and he said he saw me staring at the egg one, hehehe. I gave him a couple of mine, too.

Since Tutti Frutti was in the same plaza, we had to (as in I had to) get some frozen yogurt.

I got the plain tart and strawberry frozen yogurt. The toppings were all over the place. There’s blueberries, mangoes (super sweet!), cheesecake bites, granola, some mango boba thingies (gross. Glad I only tried a few), a bit of watermelon, almonds, and peanuts.


We watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at Bluelight Cinema (he had some coupon for it, so we had a butt-load of soda and popcorn, too). The movie was… nothing to rave about. I would probably give the book a try, only because I know that with so many characters and things going on, the book would be a better place to develop the plot and such.


Hope you got to unwind Friday night.

Any plans for Saturday? (I’m planning on doing a long-ish run, then hang out with my mama, THEN STUDY with Mister Joe).

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