Workout Partners

Yesterday, after my long run and after my mama was done with baking, we went for a lovely walk around my neighborhood.

We took the cute Vannaball with us.

Remember how I told you that last week, she had a tough time with a 1.5 mile loop? Well we walked a couple days ago and she felt great! So we set out on a longer walk to Downtown Saratoga today.

It was such a perfect day for a walk!… but I guess everyday is like that in NorCal. Vanna didn’t understand why I had her sit in front of these flowers. I guess she can’t appreciate them because she’s color-deficient.

We went into a store where my mom kind of got chummy with the owner of the store (who is a nice Korean lady). She said Vanna could come inside.

She was acting all weird and antsy. I guess she was bored and doesn’t really enjoy shopping.

On the way back up, my mom’s legs were a tiny bit tired (going uphill works the backside a lot!) so I told her to careful walk backwards, to work the front of the legs. After 100 meters, she was pooped on all sides! But our home is around the corner after this giant hill.

It’s good to have workout buddies around you to get moving! Just make sure if you’re just getting back into exercise (like mi madre), to take it easy. Take a rest day or two between workouts; make sure you have GOOD SHOES; and if you feel like something is very seriously wrong, don’t work through the pain. It could be an injury, and there’s no need to get in one painful workout if you’ll be sidelined for several weeks.

I should listen to my own advice, sometimes.


After washing up, I went to Joe’s. He kindly made me two shots of espresso over ice, and I added half a can of Starbucks Doubleshot. SO DELICIOUS. I had to resist the urge to chug the whole thing.

We had a pretty good study session (but how am I going to remember 12+ pages of notes in my tiny handwriting by tomorrow???).

My brain was tired and lagging, so I ate two huge servings of rice and a Korean fish dish that Joe’s mom had made, and then we went for dessert.

Yogurtland has this Mango Mixer flavor that is so thick and yummy! I got a lot of that and then the plain tart. The toppings were: strawberries, kiwi (super sweet!), Cap’n Crunch, sweet RED BEAN (about 1/3 cup of that. It’s a heavy topping, but well worth it), peanuts, and almonds.

I came home and crashed on my bed. Blargh.


This morning, I made some coffee, ate a banana the size of my forearm with peanut butter all over it, and then remembered the biscotti my mom made!

I’ve also started on adding even notes for my midterms tomorrow. I can get in a good 45 minutes of studying before I get ready for church.

*sigh* I hope I can study enough to feel okay about going to the church Super Bowl Party. If not, maybe I’ll catch the second half while at the gym after studying… by my lonesome. Haha, which is okay. It’s my fault for waiting until the last minute to study :P.

I are doof sometime.

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