Let’s start with church. Today’s sermon was from Mark 1: 29 -39. It was a very good message, and I actually got to hear it twice (once at the youth service, and once at the main worship service).

This was during a special song. Our main sanctuary is so beautiful. Anyone know how to play the pipe organs?

After service, we had a delicious lunch!

It is spicy chicken and potato over rice, and also a salad with EGGS and FRUIT. It has some beef slices over it.

Even the dressing was a blueberry vinaigrette that the church member made herself. I wonder if she reads my blog, or if she’s just awesome and has the same taste as me 🙂

I studied at Panera after church for about two hours. Then I felt so ansty that I had to exert some energy at the gym. I was going to keep it a short workout, so I actually used the time to find my base for heavy leg workouts.

I warmed up with a quick treadmill run: 8 min 30 sec, 1 mile.

Then I proceeded to see how much I can squat:

65# for 12 reps

75# for 12 reps

85# for 12 reps

95# for 12 reps.

So I guess I can actually lift quite a bit heavier than I thought! But it was still good to make sure my form was perfect. Next time, I will probably start around 85 or 95 for warmups, and then get into the 100’s!

I did forward and backward lunges with a 25 pound plate, 12 reps on each side, and 2 sets.

I also did side-step “lunges” with 20 pounders (12 reps, 2 sets).

I should have done deadlifts before, but I forgot. I still got to do 3 sets with 70#.

My badonkadonk is going to be so high and perky, I’ll probably be able to use it as a pillow for my head… or at least keep it from falling to the back of my knees.


After the gym, I made a quick salad dinner. It has a boiled egg, cheese (one of those soft ones that comes in the wax), apple, loads of beans, and the Panera poppyseed dressing.


I must be stressed. I’m looking for more carbs and especially something CRUNCHY.  I already ate some more biscotti, dark chocolate, and toffee-cashews. I’m already thinking of getting some more stuff…

Garsh. I’ll just get to studying first, and then eat something as a late-night snack.


Do you stress-eat? If not, how do you deal with stress?

3 responses to “Badonkadonk

  1. We missed you at the Superbowl party, and you missed Mr. Park jump up and down like a little kid when his team won. But you didn’t miss the food, because we ALL overate on too much food: junk food, dessert, etc. Hope you did well on the exams today! I also deal with stress by eating, in addition to watching TV, sleeping it off and/or getting a big bear hug from Audrey (but she’s getting stingy with it as she gets older.) 😦

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