Lesson Learned

I learned something today. Actually I learned two things… First thing: just because I attend a community college and take one course does NOT mean I can slack off and get through it with no bumps or bruises.

Well, the courses I’ve taken in the past, I was able to do so. Not this class. It has come up and kicked me in my incredibly sore rear (major DOMS from yesterday’s workout), and now I have to waddle away in shame and disappointment.

Two separate midterms (lab and lecture) on ONE day… the day after the Super Bowl, to be exact. Those are two separate ways to get owned. Blech.

Okay. Done with ranting! After the Super Bowl Party last night, the one that I missed, Joe brought some leftovers for me. I totally ate it, all super late (9:30 PM? WHAAA?).

It was actually a pretty healthy late-night dinner… salmon, marinated beef, salad (with egg, shrimp, tomato), and other veggies.

Joseph is a pretty cool guy.


Check out some of the notes I made. Basically, it was these two pages times ten… and since I crammed, all the info was bouncing around in my head and I couldn’t retain most of it. Like the drawing I made of the neurons?

I actually prefer this kind of drawing. Oh, you didn’t know I am a Doodle Master?


So after the complete ownage, I had a couple hours of work. 🙂 Sometimes, kids are able to say something really random and funny, and can brighten up your whole day.

I went to Joe’s after work, and they prepared this awesome Vietnamese-style dinner for me to console me:

Okay, maybe they didn’t make it just for me… but it totally suits my style. There was awesome barbeque pork, shrimp, vermicelli noodles, fish sauce, and lots of greens!

Esther and I thought that we needed some MORE color in our diet, so suggested Yogurtland, and off we went!

I gots me some MANGO MIXER, peanut butter flavor (just a little to try. I should get that one and put strawberries and graham cracker crumbs in it next time), and plain tart. The toppings were more simple… kiwi, sweet red beans, almonds, and granola.

I’ve been getting a pound of frozen yogurt and toppings pretty often these days… I should try to save it for special occasions (like Tuesdays and stuff).


One of the coolest things about tonight was that Joe’s family had a small group meeting. We are all studying Romans through the Living Life series, which is the same one that our whole church is doing.

We read through Romans Ch. 12, and the verses that stood out to me were verses 4 and 5: “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

While studying about the brain, spinal cord, and the cranial and spinal nerves, I got to see just how complex and amazing the human body is. How many processes and functions, the many fibers and tissues, the branches and plexuses… how incredible!

If one of those cells decides to go haywire, some other cells can usually take care of it, all without us knowing. Once in a while, if it’s not taken care of, parts begin to degenerate, and it can become infected or even be debilitating.

Another lesson I learned today is that we are all a part of the body of Christ. Our function or purpose may seem trivial or lame compared to others, but if we decide to go haywire, it can make other parts fall apart.

On the flip side, if you see that there is someone who has been wronged or hurt, and you do nothing… in the grand scheme of things, it will make huge problems.


So that stood out to me because I believe I am being challenged by God in that area. He’s asking me not to be so weaksauce with my faith. He knows I become immobile because I doubt myself and my abilities. He knows I quiet my own voice because I, myself, have way more growing up to do.

Sometimes I wish that I was a really cool and jazzy part of the body… like the carotid artery or medulla oblongata or the spinal cord. I’m probably more like tooth enamel or a segment of the small intestine. Possibly a talus bone.

BUT… even if it’s not the coolest, jazziest part, how messed up would our teeth be without the enamel? How would we absorb nutrients without all of our small intestine? Or how can we walk properly without the ankle bone?


Today’s workout:

Nursing my sore lower limbs. Every part of my thighs all the way up to the top of/around the arse… all groaning from the aches.

And I love it.


Any lessons learned today?

2 responses to “Lesson Learned

  1. I am loving Romans through Living Life! The connection you made with human body is so cool and such a great example. I never thought of it that way but it is so true. Thanks for sharing!

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