Yup, Definitely the Flu

Good morning, and happy Wednesday!

So yesterday ended up being a weird day. I was in and out of sleep for most of it, and for the times I was awake, I was in so much pain (I seriously thought I had injured my legs so severely that I would be out for a month) that I would just lay down and not move.

I slept about 6 hours throughout the day and then went to bed, sleeping another 10 hours.

So with 16 hours of sleep, I am finally better! (Two tablets of Tylenol also helped a tiny bit with all the aches and pain… and the fever).

I spent all my napping hours on the massage chair. Wow, did that make my achy body feel so much better! This is basically how the night looked (except I was where Joe is in this picture). My brothers were watching basketball, and I remember only tiny bits and pieces of everything… as if it were all a dream.

Were the Warriors playing? and Thunder? I just remember seeing Kevin Durant and Monte Ellis. That’s it.


This morning, I woke up with a spring in my step, and my legs are NOT as crazy sore as yesterday. They still feel as sore as they did on Monday. I think the reason my legs felt like they were filled with lead was because my whole body was inflamed… stupid flu.

I had the same breakfast as yesterday:

and I actually got to enjoy it today!


Garsh. What a waste of a day, huh? All I could do is whine to my mommy that everything hurts and sleep…

Or I wonder if it’s a sign that I need to take it easy and give my body more rest…

Or perhaps because of all the stress surrounding the midterms on Monday, my immune system was compromised…

Psh, oh well. I will probably go run 10 miles the next time I feel awesome and appreciate the heck out of it!


How are ya’ll feeling? All in good health?

For any of ya’ll with kids or husband/wife at home, do you get super well taken care of when you’re sick? And do you take super good care of your family when they’re sick?

(My mama takes super good care of me. As soon as I called in sick to work, I was waiting for her to come to the family room so she could feel how hot my head is, give me kisses, and tuck me into the massage chair. Yes, I turn into a 5-year-old when I have the flu).

3 responses to “Yup, Definitely the Flu

  1. Sorry you had the flu! I know there’s something going around. I was sick Tuesday, too, but not with a flu. I was reacting to a super powerful antibiotic that my dentist gave me for my tooth infection, and it made me so nauseous (w/diarrhea, yuk!) the whole day! My sweet husband skipped his UMM mtg and came home to take care of me. I was useless the whole day.

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