Up and Running Again

Recap of yesterday: I had a nice lunch of mixed greens, chicken, soba noodles, half an apple, and poppyseed dressing.

I saved the other half of the apple as a dessert. It is important to make sure the layer of peanut butter is half-and-inch-thick:

I went over to Joe’s, and we watched several episodes of the Office. Garsh, some of those seasons were so awesome. I actually ended up eating some more rice with chicken and potatoes, as well as a huge apple with peanut butter.

Hey, don’t judge. I was still feeling a teeny tiny bit sick. My head wasn’t pounding, but I had a dull headache. I was free to each whatever I wanted… right?

We went to get some pho for dinner:

I put a huge plate of sprouts in, all of the basil leaves, and a good helping of Sriracha sauce and hoisin/plum sauce. I also make my own little dish of it on the side to dip my chicken in for every bite.

I’m one of those people who take forevers to eat pho because I make every bite on the spoon, with the perfect amount of veggies, noodles, broth, and chicken. People just end up watching me eat it after they’re done with it. Sorry.

After getting home, I drank some Nyquil (just to be sure I could get awesome rest and that I could really give this flu the boot).

It was a wonderful Wednesday and another rest day. No workout, just in case I was still kind of sick.


Woke up this morning, definitely feeling like myself. I had a quick breakfast of banana and a Clif bar, drank some awesome coffee with my favorite creamer (Italian Sweet cream):

Then I went to the gym to get nice and sweaty!

Today’s workout:

Treadmill: Warmup- 20:40, 2.50 miles.

Stairmaster: Garsh was this super difficult today! I just took it easy and did 5 minutes at level 10, and 5 min at level 11. 1.20 miles in 10 min.

Shoulders: Did 12 reps, 3 sets, with 12 pound dumbbells. Then I did burnouts with 5 pounders. Dang, my delts were on FIRE. The other gym goers were intrigued.

Treadmill: Just running however I felt. 20:38, 2.55 miles.

My cool down was a super slow walk to my car, which was parked far away. It was in the 70’s when I left the gym! I’m glad I chose the gym instead of running outside.


My after-gym lunch was full of protein! It was an egg and cheese panini with broccoli on the side (smothered with Sriracha sauce, of course):

WOW. I love the swiss cheese that I put in there. It has NINE GRAMS of protein! Whaaaaa!? So the cheese plus about 6 or 7 grams from the eggs makes this meal so filling and yummy. Plus it took me 5 minutes to assemble and grill on the Foreman grill.

I have missed my daily egg the last couple of days because… there’s something about being sick that makes an egg and egg yolk really unappetizing.

Now that I’m not sick, I can probably catch up and eat about three for the couple of days. 🙂



2 responses to “Up and Running Again

  1. I literally felt like gagging when I saw all that peanut butter. And after reading how much peanut butter you ate, I just scrolled straight to the bottom of the blog entry. Ugh…

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