Rainy, Hilly, Awesomey

Guess what??? The weather report was off. It was showering on and off this morning, and I made a smart choice of wearing a visor for my run.

… Unless, of course, I get a nice row of pimples across my forehead.

Today’s Run was slow, hilly, rainy here and there, and so great!

15.5 miles in 2 hr 13 min 30 sec (8:37 pace)

Crazy eyes and wide smile? Yes. This is how I look after a run. Well actually, I walked another 0.30 miles to my car and it was quite painful. My left was super tight, and it hurt enough to make me walk weird.

Oh yeah… so my GPS watch is just a timer now. The GPS function has not been working for a while. The distance was calculated using mapmyrun.com and I think it’s pretty accurate (I did a 16-mile training run last year, similar to the course I took). The site even told me that I climbed from 222 ft in the beginning to 557ft at the turn-around. Swit. Anywho…

As soon as I got home, I grabbed my post-run recovery tools:

Chocolate milk, a foam roller, and the stick.

It’s been proven that after a workout, drinking chocolate milk with the biggest smile on your face can aid in recovery of muscles (11g of protein) and restore electrolytes (240mg of sodium, 570mg of potassium), and a good amount of carbs :). That’s just in one cup!

So smile as wide as you can and drink up!… after you work out, that is.


My upper body is started to feel sore. The DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) should definitely set in tomorrow.

Since my hip was hurting during the run, it’s good timing that Tati invited me to a free yoga class that targets the hips! We’re also planning on going ice skating after dinner.

I’m going to be so sore and useless tomorrow.

And I love it.

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