Thankful Beast

I want to thank all the readers who were so encouraging about yesterday’s post (my story. ) As I shared with some people, I was super nervous about the responses I might get. I really hope that you were encouraged to comfort one another and be uplifting! And if you’re ever thinking about a random friend of yours, just call them. It may be the most awkward conversation, but who knows. Maybe God is trying to use you to comfort that friend 😀


I wish I could capture how beautiful the sky was when I left work yesterday. The pink was way more vibrant.

All the people were annoyed that some Asian girl was standing in the middle of the parking lot taking pictures of the sky. Sorry.

So yesterday, after work, we had a Bible study with all the women! It was a great time, and one of the very talented CHEFS in the women’s group made blueberry coffeecake.

That’s right, people. Store-bought coffeecake got nothin’ on this homemade deliciousness! I had two squares of it, and plenty of other sweets. Garsh, it was so fun to have Bible study while quickly climbing to a sugar high and then slowly falling into a sugar coma.


I’m really loving all the new Chobani Greek yogurt flavors! This blood orange one was super good! I really like citrus flavors, so this and the lemon are pretty darn awesome. Ooh, and the apple cinnamon is aweosme.


Today’s workout was (kind of) beastly:

Bench: 70# for 8 reps; 75# for 4 reps; 75# for 4 reps; 65# for 8 reps.

(Critical error… I thought I would be a stud and start my warmup set with 70#. Oops. It ended up being too heavy, and my arms were pooped by the second set… hence the 4 reps. Michael thought I would be able to do 80#. I couldn’t get that crap up for even one rep. So sad).

Dumbbell incline chest press: with 25# dumbbells. 1st set was 8 reps, 2nd set was 10 reps.

Decline bench: 70# for 6 reps; then for 5 reps.

(I think part of the reason I poop out so quickly is partially from my form- since I still can’t seem to engage the pecs as much- and also because my forearms are made out of pillows. Perhaps they will get stronger while I continue this regimen).

I have been putting my whole upper body on the same days. It’s not ideal, but I kind of want to save time like that 😛

Lat pulldown (wide grip): 70# for 12 reps; 90# for 5 reps; 90# for 5 reps.


Rows: 90# for 5 reps, 80# for 6 reps.

Triceps pull down: 30# for 20 reps; 40# for 12 reps.

Biceps: Used 25# barbells to do some curls.

Burnouts: 12.5# dumbbells to do biceps curls, hammer curls, triceps extensions, the usual.


Came home and tried something weird. It was a swiss cheese and egg panini… with THIS:

Okay. So I’ve been reading on other blogs that they eat cheese, egg, and JAM, right? So I thought this would be the same.

Honestly, I think it could work with just the cheese. But with the egg?… it was one of those foods where you nod and try to convince yourself that it’s good. I’m totally down to try it the proper way (with strawberry jam)… but I think good ol’ Sriracha sauce will do.


Joe and I ate at Friday’s today. I ordered the Dragonfire Chicken

and we ended the night with some frozen yogurt (I was a tiny bit better about my toppings! Blackberries, kiwi, strawberries, peanuts, and almonds. No half cup of sweet red bean in this one )


Oh wait… the night didn’t end with that one. Josh asked if we wanted some spicy rice cake (with fish cake and noodle) dish… it’s a Korean dish and that’s the best way I can describe it. I took a picture of it… but it doesn’t photograph very well. Hehe, but it was quite delicious and full of the carbs I enjoy so much.


I have been indulging a lot this week. It’s cool. I was planning to be fully stocked with glycogen for a super long, slow run tomorrow morning. The forecast looks awesome! Mid-50’s and sunny.

It’s going to be a great day.


Question… if you guys are lifting heavier, is your appetite off the charts? I’ve been eating like an animal these days!

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