Change of Plans

What a beautiful Sunday morning!

Let me recap of last night: So I was supposed to go to a yoga class with Tati and then go ice skating, but luckily, there was a change of plans. She was running late with some errands and I was in the middle of a two-hour nap. Guess the long run really wiped me out. So we shall catch up another day. 🙂

[Basketball talk begins:

Joe and I were just lazing around, watching the Knicks v. Timberwolves game. Garsh, Kevin Love missed the (possible) game-winning shot by quite a bit. Rubio did a great job on Jeremy Lin (I think Lin scored like 20?). And anyone else LINspired by Jeremy? Caught up with all the LINsanity? Yeah, me, too. He’s pretty cool 🙂

Basketball talk ends].

After the game, and a several episodes of 30Rock, we went out to Barnes to read magazines (<—- does anyone else do this? I haven’t done it in AGES! My guilty pleasure used to be reading the trashy celebrity gossip magazines. Last night, I was like, “She’s dating that guy? Since when?!” or “Who is are these people? Oh, reality TV stars..” for like 45 minutes. I’m so behind).

Then Joe had me get some yogurt. I wasn’t actually feeling like it, but when I went there… for some reason, I couldn’t help myself. I filled that whole thing up. I have no self-control around frozen yogurt an array of toppings.

At least the toppings were not too bad: a ton of blueberries, buried by a ton of strawberries, with almonds on top. So they have this one called antioxidant berry tart, or something. It sounded interesting, but it was nothing compared to the mango mixer that I love. Gots me some plain tart, of course.


I woke up super refreshed this morning! My legs feel fine. It’s just my feet that hurt/ache a bit. I think it’s about time for new shoes. The balls of my feet are especially achy.

Anywho, breakfast was awesomeness:

Bananas, Chobani Honey Greek yogurt, Special K, and Peanut Butter Cheerios.

Have you noticed that I eat a banana every single day? I feel weird if I don’t have one. I guess that makes it pretty much my favorite, go-to fruit.


Breakfast was quickly followed by a delicious cup of coffee with Italian sweet cream creamer.

I really like this cute cup/mug. My mama was going to give it away, but I said I love it! So she said I can take them with me when I get married. Swit.


Since my stupid feet are hurting, but my blessed thighs are fine, I am considering doing a heavy leg workout after church today.

Or is that stupid of me?… probably stupid. But my desire to work out hard and be sore  >  my desire to be rested (it gets me super ansty).

Well, I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing anything high impact today… pretty sure…

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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