Good Eats and Bone Density

I got to enjoy some good eats today, all made at home!

I started my morning with a panini of sandwich thin, cheese, and pumpkin butter. I ate it with a banana and yummy coffee. Soooo good!

The slice of cheese is extra big, so I got to fold it in half and have a nice thick layer of melty cheese:


I had a quick lunch before class. There was a lot of soba noodles and asparagus (my favorite vegetable!), and egg. Can you tell I cut the egg with my fork?

I can make food look pretty messy, huh?

Ooh, I ate the last chocolate-covered strawberry! This guy was super ripe and juicy… probably would have gone mushy by tomorrow.


I had a Clif Bar and iced coffee from Peet’s after class, and did some Bio homework before work.


After work, I got home and made a random plate of food for dinner. That is a grilled salmon patty on the left (from Trader Joe’s), zuccini fried in egg batter at the top, and soba noodles with asparagus and calamari (with soy sauce-based dressing).


I am now having a Dum-dum for dessert. A 25-calorie dessert? Who am I???


[Disclaimer: Remember that I am not a certified trainer or registered dietician. The following are from my own experience and knowledge, as well as an outside source]

I was speaking to some of the sisters at a Bible study last week about muscle mass and bone density.

As most women know, their bone density stays pretty good until around age 30, which is when the level slowly start to go down. During menopause, bone density goes down more dramatically, putting women at risk for osteoporosis.

I’m pretty sure my mom’s side of the family has osteoporosis. When my aunt fell, she broke her hip. When my grandma fell on her wrist, she broke her forearm. There are a couple more times where they had ankle or wrist fractures. Luckily, my mom has been okay!

When I was anorexic, I was putting myself at risk for osteoporosis. I know it is usually something that is associated with older-aged women, but with no muscle mass and a lack of nutrients, my bones were becoming brittle.

Now, I do what I can to make sure my bones will be indestructible (haha, kind of). I take my vitamins (Btw, calcium vitamins should be taken with vitamin D because it helps with the absorption of calcium. These days, I think most vitamins have both in them), eat a colorful diet, and try to build muscle mass.

Aging leads to the loss of muscle and bone density, so it’s important to stay active to keep them from plummeting drastically.

Studies have been done, following people doing 30 minutes of just aerobic activities (walking, biking, or stairclimbing) and people doing 15 minutes of aerobic exercise and 15 minutes of resistance/weight training. After 4 months, the people who did the combination of aerobic and strength training had the best outcome when looking at bone density and lean muscle mass. (source)

So if you are only doing cardio, then I would say you need to jump on the weight-training wagon. If you are a noob, you will definitely want to learn how to perform all weight exercises with proper form.

😀 So let’s all keep our bone density high and continue building muscle mass into our 90’s and 100’s, yeah?


I have a PTA meeting at church. When I get home, I’m going to do 50 minutes of yoga or go on the elliptical while watching the Biggest Loser (anyone else been watching? It’s so full of drama this season!!!)


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