What the Health?

I ate quite a bit last night.

Dinner #2 was rice, egg, spinach, and tofu (all prepared by Joe’s mom):

Just a couple of my sweets from yesterday:


Today was weird. It was a good mix of healthy and… not-as-healthy :).

This morning, I planned on doing a long run.

I consumed the finest and most trust-worthy of fuels :

… the most energizing elixir:

That Gevalia coffee beans with chocolate milk as the “creamer” is awesome. Hey, it’s actually better than my other yummy creamer because at least the chocolate milk has no trans fat.

Today’s Run:

It ended up not being a very long run (for me). I took it super easy and slow the whole time (RPE of 6.5). My left hip and knee were getting super sore by the 6th mile, so I decided to end it early at 7.5 miles (63 minutes).

My post-run fuel:

(When I was at the PTA meeting the other day, Jane gave this to me because I gave her some of my water. I’m pretty sure I got the better end of this deal, hehe. Thanks, Jane!!).

Guess what… I had a SECOND workout today!! Joe and I went to the gym to get super ripped. Today’s upper body workout:


65#– 8 reps.

70#– 6 reps.

70#– 4 reps.

50#– 12 reps. <– this was purely done for form. I know when I get tired, I start bringing the bar up and use my shoulders.

Incline Bench:

50#– 12 reps <– obviously, too light.

65#– 5 reps <– I’ve never done this much for incline, but Joe had me do it. 🙂

65#– 4 reps <– Oh, my. The bar was totally sinking on the 5th one.

Decline Bench:

65#– 5 reps

65#– 4 reps <– I think this is where my arms were SO POOPED that I just put the bar on my chest and had Joe get it off for me.

55#– 6 reps.


I used the 25# plate for triceps extensions while laying on the bench. 2 sets of 12 reps.

Then I used the 7.5# dumbbells to do random triceps burnouts.

Okay, so this upper body workout was one of the worst because I had NO JUICE, no energy, no power. Whenever my arms got tired on the last rep, the bar would just sink and Joe actually had to bail me out a couple times. I would call myself WEAK, but I blame it on running over an hour before this workout.

Lesson learned… when I do upper body workouts, I need to save all my energy.


After the workout, Joe and I went to Whole Foods for lunch. Susan Ja got me a gift card for my birthday to Whole Foods, and I finally remembered to use it. Thanks, Susan!!!

I was super starving for lunch, so there was no way I was even going to attempt to make this look good. I have some mixed wild rice thing (it had a lot of random but yummy things in it, like raisins, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, carrots, corn, and some other goodnesses) and a Thai/Indian chicken.

After work, we all headed out to dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday! We went to i gatti in Los Gatos.

Super cute Italian bistro. We all enjoyed our meals! I definitely enjoyed the bread. It was hot, buttery, and the consistency seemed doughy, but it was awesome. I ate three of those bad boys:

Here are my parents:

They ordered the salmon and lobster special:

Here are my brothers, me, and Joe:

This is Michael’s chicken parmigiana, and he has a plate of black linguine (which is made with squid ink!). My older brother, Alex, got the veal shank in the background. It was huge:

I got the sea bass special with the ginger cream sauce on the side. Wow. I was ready to drink that sauce! It was so good! Haha, I realized at the end that I got to least Italian meal (the sides are rice pilaf and bokchoy). Even though I didn’t order it any special way, this meal was surprisingly healthy for a nice Italian restaurant.

I was quite please with it! Plus it gave me plenty of room to help Michael finish his plate 😛


Joe and I went to go pick up a fruit tart from Bijan. While he looked away for one second, I walked into a frozen yogurt place and somehow walked out with this wonderfulness. What the health? How did that happen? He needs to watch me more carefully.

BTW, I found I love having chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in my frozen yogurt. AWESOME TOPPING.

We went to my home and the guys and I dug into the fruit tart:


Tomorrow’s a special day full of more indulgences and celebration, and I wish there could be a way to fit in exercise, but it’s probably not going to happen.

I’ll probably turn it into fuel for a run on Sunday… or MONDAY since I have no school!!!


Any plans for the long weekend?

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