I is the Stoopids Yestermorning

I am sick.


I did some reflecting on why I may have caught another bug, and it comes down to a few factors:

1. I was awoken from my restful slumber early Saturday morning (3AM) and could not fall back asleep. So inadequate rest= lagging immune system(?)

2. After I did some elliptical early yesterday morning, I stupidly decided on an “icebath”. 10 minutes in the freezing pool while my hair is still dripping in sweat with the frosty morning air as my company= I’M ASKIN’ TO BE SICK.

3. I is simply le stupidos.


I was hoping today would be a day where I can get back on track with my eating and working out, but it was a NO GO. Know why? Two words:


Fine, it’s two words smushed into one word. Anyways, I had my good intentions when I walked in the kitchen, and definitely got my Greek yogurt, banana, strawberries, and cereal going. Then I added some of this fruit tart (there was about half the tart left)

Then I ate some more of the leftover desserts from yesterday… a bite here, a bite there, and BOOM. I’m stuffed again.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Oh, it never happens to you?… You’re so lucky.


This morning, I have been having all sorts of neck and shoulder pain/aches, a headache that makes my head feel heavy and foggy, and my left ear is starting to ache. Michael felt my head and said it’s quite warm. I hate it when I’m sick.

Joe said even when I feel better, I still need to take it easy. Dangit. I hate it when he’s right. I also hate that I’m probably going to go for an easy run of 10 miles or something when I feel better. We’ll see if I can learn from this and actually take the time to rest even after I recover.

Until then, this will be my new pal:


You know what’s weird though? I never used to get sick (okay, like once a year maybe, but nothing worse than a cough). Getting sick TWICE in the same month? Not cool.

But then again, I never really had too much trouble with sleeping 8+ hours, and I never did an “ice bath” outside at such an insane hour.

I was also out and about all day yesterday without much rest.

I will rest up today… I hate having to miss church. But I told Joe to come over after church and repeat the sermon to me (I think we’re still doing an in-depth study on the book of Mark).


Have you ever gotten sick from lack of sleep and/or being on-the-go-go-go for so long?

3 responses to “I is the Stoopids Yestermorning

  1. Ahh i’m like in the exact same boat as you! I was supposed to get back on track on Sunday but I just couldn’t stop eating everything in sight… then I let it go for being the weekend and was supposed to really get on track today (monday) but I started feeling sick on Sunday which got a lot worse this morning -_- it really does suck!! get better soon michelle!

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