Saturday Shenanigans Part II

This post is going to have major picture-overload. Hope you’re not hungry… or  bored. It’s going to feature a lot of food… and awesome fun.

This is a continuation from the previous post. Here is Susan Y’s pasta is in the front, then Lorna’s meat pasta, and chicken in the back:

Sandwiches with the crust cut off because Mama-to-be doesn’t like crust 😀 :

Dessert plate #1 (out of like 38 dessert plates that I had throughout the afternoon). This one features a few coconut mochi squares (left), a berry trifle (middle), and the conecake (right).


Susan and Noel! And dang. Look at the crazy number of gifts Susan has!

Here is Susan with her family (and the super cute hand-made decorations) :

Yay! All of Susan’s bridesmaids unite again!

And, of course… so much fun with all of the props!

What a memorable day! We love you, Susan! Can’t wait to hold your baby :D. I want to be the first one to make her laugh so hard she poops her diaper. I’ll start working on my weird faces now.


So the second partay of the day was to celebrate Tammy’s birthday! She is turning the big 2-5! Woo hoo!

Dang. There was so much homemade food, we couldn’t help but stuff ourselves to the max capacity!

Even the living room was full the max capacity!

We were so full that we started getting weirdsies. Well I was the only normal one. I’m showing you how full I am… basically, the food was all the way up to my epiglottis.

Oh, but there’s always room for cake.

They were from Le Patisserie! On the left is red velvet cake and the right is strawberry cream. I looooved the strawberry one.

My red velvet piece was right on top of my strawberry piece. Geez, get a room, you two. Oh, but weirdly enough, it worked together very well 🙂

Jenn got Tammy this special cake which looks like a little pouch! What was inside? Chocolate mouse cake!

When we were beyond stuffed, we played several rounds of Pictionaryman!

It was such a fun time! I apologize to those who were sitting near me. My loud, piercing laughter is known to burst eardrums.

Hope you had a good time, Tammy! Happy birthday!!


Wow. I’m so super sleepy because I only slept a couple hours last night. My bed is calling for me right now.


Hope you had a nice Saturday!

Do you reserve Saturdays for catching up and getting things done (such as schoolwork, chores, errands, etc.) or for doing fun things (like exercising, hanging out with friends, night out)?

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