Saturday Shenanigans Part 1

Okay. So I woke up super early (3:30AM) because my dog decided she needed to protect out house from the deer outside. After I told her to cool it, I was wide awake and could not fall asleep!

I did my daily devo, and then went on the elliptical while watching Fringe. I’m behind one episode, but man… it’s so interesting!

I also did about 10 minutes straight of shoulder exercises. Dang 12 pounders really kill me arms. And the burnouts at the end had me breathing hard and making weird faces. If anyone had walked in on me, they would have thought I was having a cardiac episode or something.

I actually did a 10-minute ice bath after (in our swimming pool… which is always freezing cold, day or night) and my legs felt awesome! I found out that the trick is not to move your legs at ALL. Once they went numb, I was in there, reading a Runner’s World magazine for the ten minutes. This was at 8:00 AM.


After washing up, I got to making some conecakes (no butter, no oil!).

I think if I was going to make them again, I would just use the butter and oil. Though it was fat free, it totally tasted like fat free… which means it was not that tasty.

I made these for Susan’s Baby Shower!!!

Here is me and the Guests of Honor:


There were definitely some amazing props to use for our photos. Here is our host, Peggy! And I was mad at her for being so pretty and making me look like a husky man by comparison.


More shenanigans with Susan Y. and Jin

(The props were made by Cindy’s sister, Helen. Thanks, girl! We had so much fun with all of them!)

Check out the diaper cake! Pretty, huh?


Hey, do you like the decorations and the table setting? Cindy (next to Susan) had a hand in organizing a bunch of this, so if you ever need an event organized… you know who to go to.


Yikes. That was a super quick recap because I actually have another party to attend this evening!

BTW, I ate SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS, during the baby shower, and I will definitely share it with you some time tonight or maybe tomorrow if I’m too blissed out in the fullness of all the food and festivities.

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