Well-Rested and New Shoes!

Let me just say… there’s nothing better than your boyfriend bringing you Pho when you’re sick at home. He hung out with sick-Michelle the whole day. What a trooper!

(By the way, I take super long to eat pho because I put every sprout and every basil leaf in there, as well as making a perfect amount of noodles-broth-chicken-veggies on my spoon for each bite. ).


Sunday’s workout:

Getting out of the bed to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen. 3 reps, 3 sets.

Monday’s Workout:

0.02 miles on the treadmill; shopping for new running shoes.


Okay, so as you can see, I took both Sunday and Monday as rest days. If you didn’t know, I got sick AGAIN on Sunday. Lame, huh?

Well, Monday rolled around, and even though I was still feeling sick (but more like the cold instead of the flu), Joe took me to get some new shoes!

First stop was the Great Mall where they have the Nike Factory Store. I got myself a $100 Nike gift card with my credit card points, knowing that I needed some shoes for everything except running.

These are the Nike Free 7.0’s. They are lightweight and allow for linear and lateral movements.

I don’t usually get Nike running shoes (a foot doctor once told me only to get Brookes or Asics), but these are for when I got weight-lifting, do plyometrics, or cross-train.

The second stop of the day was to RoadRunner Sport!

They do this “Shoe Dog” thing that looks at so many aspects of you as a runner and your lovely feet. Everything is done barefoot… so… many apologies to the shoe guy, who had to be near my ugly, stinky, sweaty feet for the whole 12 minutes.

They had me stand on this board that looks at how much weight you put into each foot when standing straight. I apparently put more weight into my right foot.

It also checks to see what kind of arch you have. I have a medium/high arch, but maybe more on the medium/neutral side.

He had me run on the treadmill while a camera in the back looks at eat leg/foot to see what kind of runner you are, to analyze the flexibility in the ankle, etc.

I do not overpronate or anything, and I have limited flexibility in my ankle (meaning it stays perpendicular when landing, which he said is actually a good thing).

He explained all the results to me, and entered them in to finally get the type of shoes that would be best for me.

He also made me custom insoles (which are optional for purchase, but Joe insisted that I get them because I have some oddly-mangled feet. He bought them for me as a belated-birthday present).


He picked out a few pairs that would be good for me, and I had a hard time picking between the Brooks and Asics, but I had to go with these…


Umm… let me just say… this is model I always saw in the magazines, talking about how great they are, and now I own a pair of them! I would never have considered buying them (pretty hefty price tag), but I have a VIP membership at RoadRunner and I figure that since I’m kind of into this running thing, I should invest in a good pair.

These babies are going to be for RUNNING ONLY. I read a lot of other blogs that say they don’t even walk their dogs in their running shoes. I will keep track of the miles I put on them. After 500 miles, they will be my Vanna-walking shoes.

Also, I am about size 8 or 8.5, and the shoe guy suggested I get a half size or full size up… so he fitted me with size 9!! My Bugs Bunny feet and I were shocked! I’ll try out the shoes and if they are weirdsies, I have 3 months before going back and getting them switched to a different size for free.


I don’t know if you read my complaints of ITB issues or pain in my feet, but I’m pretty sure the old shoes were to blame. I’m going to really take good care of these shoes and see if those annoying aches and tightness go away.

Also, if you are going to be doing any running, get fitted with a new pair of shoes. Don’t pull out the dusty pair you wore back in high school because injuries are super duper annoying.


Monday nights are the family Bible studies with Joe’s family, and we went over Psalm 130.

Verse 4 stood out to me because it mentioned having the fear of God (or also to revere Him, in some translations). The first time I felt the Holy Spirit was at a retreat, when I was in 7th grade. I looked up at the stars in the huge sky, I saw all the tall trees surrounding me, and then I suddenly felt so small and insignificant.

What kind of impact did I make in the scheme ofall time and space? Practically none. Then suddenly, I felt that the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One who created all time and space, let me know that HE still cared about me and loved me.

Who am I to deserve the affection and attention of the Almighty Lord? I was in reverence and feared the Lord because I got a glimpse of how He is all-powerful and all-knowing. Then I felt more significant and more loved than I ever have because I was His child, and He cared so deeply about me.

Okay, I don’t know if all of that made sense to you. It’s like explaining how you know you’re in love. You just know, and it’s hard to put into words.

Ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about?


Thanks to all who checked in on me on Sunday and Monday. I’m feeling WAY better. In fact, I’ll be going to the gym with Michael this afternoon (I’ll try to take it easy… whatever that means).

Did you enjoy your long weekend?

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