Cheesy Day

I am going CRAZY over how yummy this breakfast was… I have another egg and cheese panini, and the cheese that oozed out and got grilled a bit more was SO TASTY!

Don’t you LOVE ooey, gooey cheese? I had a generous amount of Sriracha sauce in there as well.

A big bowl of blueberries and grapes made this meal complete!

Michael and I went to the gym for a back and biceps workout. We also threw in some shoulder work.

Today’s workout:


80#– 10 reps

90#– 8 reps

90#– 7 reps

Wide-grip Lat pulldown:

80#– 10 reps

90#– 5 reps (<– whoops. I thought I would be a stud and do 8, but it was too heavy)

80#– 8 reps

Angled pull down (I have no idea what this one is called, but the machine has independent right and left sides where you can put the plates and pull them down. Wow. Worst description… ever).

90#– 3 reps. <– way too heavy!

70#– 8 reps

70#– 8 reps

70#– 8 reps.

[Each of the sets were super hard at the end, and I made sure the negatives were slow and controlled. No swinging wildly or use of momentum, people!]

Biceps 7’s:

25# weighted bar, 7 reps going from bottom to halfway up, 7 reps going from halfway up to all the way up, then 7 reps of full biceps curls (all the way up, all the way down). Did 2 sets.


Used 10 pound dumbbells to do some more isolated biceps moves, and a ton of shoulder moves. I moved down to 5 pounders to continue my shoulder work, then 2.5 pound “plates” to finish off the shoulder burnouts.

Our arms were like jello by the end.

Love it.


Bought some of these at the gym for our post-workout replenishment:

Michael paid for them, so I let him pick which one he wanted… he took the better one (cookies ‘n’ cream).

When we got home, we were greeted with this cute girl. She was so happy to see us and gave us the “pleeeeaase”-puppy face… the one that’s asking for a walk.

How can you say no to a face like that?

So off we went!

(^Vanna was so concerned for Michael because she thought he got hurt or something… but he was just tying his shoes. She waited so patiently for him).

Michael sprinted up this HUGE hill (the hill continues way up.. this is just the first part).

We were chugging along, and Vanna ran her little heart out to try to catch up to Michael. I was holding her back, so I let go of the leash so she could just run up to him.

After that, she was super pooped, so we took it easy and jogged around our lovely (and hill-infested) neighborhood.

It was a lovely day for a jog. Actually, it was about 70’s, so maybe a bit too warm for my taste. Yeah, I was also chugging down my water afterwards.

Oh yeah, we covered about 1.5 miles of hill-jogging.


After work, I came home and made a yummy salad, inspired by my breakfast!

That’s right, friends. This salad features “fried” cheese (that weird yellowish stuff you see), blueberries, grapes, chicken, and poppyseed dressing!

I must be officially crazypants in your eyes, huh? I put some oil on the pan, stuck the cheese on it, put some Garlic Gold, and waited for it to get all bubbly before putting in on my salad (in chunks).

The flavor of the cheese (Swiss) was AMAZING and way more pungent than just swiss cheese on its own.

I will DEFINITELY get more cheese when I go to the market! It’s good on everything! Am I the only one who loves fruit in salads?


Hope your Tuesday was lovely 🙂

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