Mardi Gras?

Hey everyone! Did you do anything for Fat Tuesday? I DID.

If you know me, then you know I am not one to partake in very indulgent, rich, sugary, fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods (if you are a long-time reader or a friend of mine, you should be falling out of your chair laughing).

Well, I decided late last night that for Lent, I was going to give up DESSERT.

YES. You read that correctly.  No dessert.  I told Joe that if I have a protein shake that’s chocolate-flavored or post-workout protein bar tha has chocolate, it doesn’t count. He called that a loophole. I called him mean for calling me out on creating a loophole.

So I’m not even going to have the protein powder, chocolate protein bars, or chocolate milk. No candies, baked goods, cakes… no fun.

I’m not even going to try to pass off fruit-flavored yogurt as a non-dessert (because that can quickly slide into frozen yogurt, which will inevitably slide into putting on delicious dessert toppings).

Haha, Joe jokingly said that I can’t even have FRUIT, but I told him I would definitely get scurvy if the amount of vitamins I get from fruit suddenly plummeted.

[During one of the Lenten seasons of the past, I had given up COFFEE for 40 days. I was so nervous about the caffeine-withdrawal that I prayed fervently for there to be no symptoms. Guess what… NO SYMPTOMS. But there’s no way in heck I’ll attempt that any time soon. I’ll have to pray for my self-discipline when it comes time to have desserts or when I get cravings. I believe Lent is the only time I truly exercise my spiritual discipline of self control].


So what’s the best way to Fat-Tuesday it up? Eat a giant cup of frozen yogurt with every high-fat dessert topping that I desire.

Joe joined me at Yogurtland after his brothers’ meeting, and WHAT? They ran out of the plain tart!!! Joe: “Is that even possible?? That doesn’t make sense!”

So last night’s cup had java and peanut butter frozen yogurt. The toppings were: cheesecake bites, kiwi, blueberries, a ton of muddy buddies, and waffle thingies.

Dang it. I should have created a wall of waffle cones around it and filled it all the way up with muddy buddies. Next time… meaning right after Easter service!


So since I had such a fatty Tuesday (I ate 1.5 dinners, persimmon bread, an oatmeal raisin cookie, AND the frozen yogurt), I woke up feeling primed for a sweaty workout.

I also decided to take on the physical challenge of doing Insanity workouts for 40 days. Luckily, they have shorter ones that can be incorporated in for days when I have a race or something). In this case, I think one Sabbath rest day from Insanity per week is coo’.

Today, I did a 33-minute Insane Abs video. It got me sweaty and working hard on my core! I love all the plank variations!

Afterwards, I walked Vanna around a loop in our neighborhood with Michael. He had some DOMS from running up that giant mountain yesterday, so he walked the whole thing. I ran this one hill with Vanna, and she was so happy to sprint up with me! 1.5 miles, done.

Best post-recovery food? Egg’n’cheese panini! This was the last of my favorite Lacy Swiss cheese, so I’ll have to go and pick up some more.


I had school, then work, and felt like I had more energy to burn off.

I hit the gym for a hardcore cardio-fest:


I started at 7.2 mph and climbed to 8.2; 1% incline. I ran 2.5 miles in exactly 20 minutes.


10 minutes, starting at level 10, finishing at 12. Nothing too hard, though.


Did one minute at level 11, 3 minutes at level 13, then one minute at level 12. Repeated once for a total of 1.38 miles in 10 minutes. I’ll round down to 1.30 miles.


Finished off with an easy run, starting at 7.6 mph, going down; 1% incline. Walked the last 0.5 mile at 7% incline. Ran/walked 1.5 miles in just over 15 minutes.


As soon as I got home, I popped some potatoes covered in olive oil and Garlic Gold into the oven, and got to foam rolling.

Did you know I adore my foam-roller?

I should probably know better than to put my face all over it… that IS where my sweaty rump goes after all of my runs.

Anyways, I was feeling the tightness in my left IT band, as usual, so I really worked on rolling it out.

By the time I was done washing up, my dinner was ready!

The salad is simple today: mixed greens, chicken breast, walnuts, and poppyseed dressing.

This baked potato was AMAZING, yet so easy to make. When it was a couple minutes away from being baked through, I put some cheese and more Garlic Gold on it and baked it some more.

WHOA. Delicious. Easy. Cost me like 78 cents to make.

Potatoes get a bad reputation, usually because it is deep-fried; or covered in sour cream, bacon, butter, and loads of cheese. But c’mon. Make it super simple like this, and you got yourself a pretty healthy and filling vegetable!

BTW, I always wash the whole potato super well before cooking because I eat the skin, too. What! It has fiber and nutrients and stuff, okay?


My allergies have been acting up these days. The weather resembles a warm spring day (it was in the 70’s when we walked Vanna!).

I’m going to study, then take my antihistamines and plop into bed (I found out yesterday that these antihistamines make me SUPER drowsy. Took them before work, and had a pretty tough time concentrating and driving back home. “Non-drowsy” my butt).


Do you eat the skin on potatoes?

Did you make any Lenten commitments?

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