Lovely Thursday

The day started out with a quick banana and PB breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a workout!

I did Insanity Cardio Recovery, which was 33 minutes of low-impact, high-intensity exercises. Whoa. Those squat and lunge series BURN, especially when you have to hold it for like 10 seconds after doing 16 reps and 16 pulses.

Then I went on my elliptical machine for about an hour while watching Biggest Loser. Is anyone following this season? There’s so much drama! I kind of love it, hahaha.

I mean, I know that when there are a bunch of hungry, food-deprived formerly obese persons, forced to exercise for several hours a day, there will be drama. But with this aqua team that came back to the ranch, DANG, there is just huge outbursts left and right!


After washing up, I met up to with this guy to have lunch:

We went to Michi Sushi with a Google Offers coupon. Joe got the bento:

I got a mango and salmon salad:

I’m pretty sure this has climbed to my top favorite salads. It’s weird but it comes with HONEY. I asked for it on the side, as well as their usual house dressing on the side. I drizzled both of them on, and wow. It was so interestingly awesome! I love fruit in my salads, yo.

The description also said it came with tobiko and macadamia nuts, which this did NOT have, so I told them, and they brought them over (they said it was an old menu or something… pshh, whatevs. Just get me my dang nuts and roe, aight?).

Oh, yeah. Joe and I split some rolls, too:

These rolls were waaaaay over-priced. I think they only gave us 6 pieces because we had the coupon. Can you believe one of those was SIXTEEN DOLLARS?

We have another coupon, but we’re just going to get a bunch of cool salads and bento because those rolls were insulting.

I don’t think I would eat there unless we have a coupon. I didn’t even want to read the descriptions of their rolls because they have about 100 rolls. One hundred… or close to one hundred rolls. Who the heck is going to read all those descriptions? And how do the sushi chefs remember what goes into each of the rolls (… cheat sheet, I bet)?


We spent some time studying in Starbucks before he went to school. I studied a while longer, then went into work for a couple hours, then came home and made the same salad as yesterday:

I prepared the potatoes again with cheese and Garlic Gold, and those humongous spuds never stood a chance to my giant appetite.


I was ready to look for a dessert, but then remembered that I have about 38 more days before I can have any.

Easter is going to be magnificent… with a crazy sugar high, followed by the biggest sugar crash… EVER. Also, it will be a glorious day to celebrate Our Risen King :).


Hope you had a lovely Thursday!

Tomorrow, I’ll be leading a workout with a couple ladies from church! I’m so excited about it!

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