Friday Fun!

I got to have two workouts today, and both were pretty darn awesomes.

So I’m going to be leading some exercise days with some lovely ladies from church, and today was the the pilot workout session! I went over to Addie’s home, and we went right into the workout!

We did over an our of sweat-inducing, muscle-sculpting work! We first hit the core with about 37 plank variations, gave our booties some crazy burn with Pilates, shredded our upper body with dumbbells, and I even showed her me awesome shoulder burnouts.

Addie did the burnouts with water bottles and I did them with my trusty pink 3-pounders… and I ended up having one of the best shoulder workouts ever! I lost track of the reps because we were talking in the middle of them… and now my arms are like jello.

Even my form was not as good in this picture because my shoulders were seriously pooped.


After sweating all over her carpet, we headed out for an amazing lunch. We went to Pho Nguyen, which is my favorite pho place, so I had to get it. I got an extra plate of sprouts and basil, put it all in there, and added a generous serving of Sriracha and hoisin sauce. DELISH.

Addie got the vermicelli with grilled pork! It was so yummy!!!!! <– Yes, that’s five exclamation marks. I’m going to have to order this next time.


When I got home, I did an Insanity video (because I want to see if I can do at least one video 6 times per week). It was the Plyometric Cardio Circuit video, and WHOA. 41 minutes of craziness! The puddle I made while doing the “ski abs” followed by “in-and-out abs”… it will probably be there until next week.

Michelle’s body status: OWNED.


After work, Joe and I headed out to Phil’s place to celebrate Phil and Jon’s birthdays!

^Joe and Robin made some lovely shirts with awesome quotes on them. They have the same birthday, so they’re practically twins 😉

I ate about 1 pound of spinach, which was mixed with walnuts, cranberries,, crumbled goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. So simple, so delicious.

The other foods I ate were undocumented because brown pieces of meat on a bed of green spinach looks like poop. The turkey burger and tacos were good, too! But I was having too much fun with these peoples:


It was lovely hanging out with these guys.

This partay had its ups!

… and it had its downs.


… and awesome names on the birthday cakes.


It’s like 2.5 hours passed my bedtime!

Hope everyone had a lot of Friday Fun!



2 responses to “Friday Fun!

  1. EVERYTHING hurts except my fingers and toes, the next day. Thanks for an awesome workout, Michelle! You were very thorough in making sure EVERY muscle in my body got a work out.

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