Delicious Eats

After my workout this morning, I went to our Saturday morning young adult Bible study. It was nice to review the Psalms that were read through the Living Life daily devotions. There were 13 of us today! It was getting super crowded around the tables, and I kind of really love that 🙂

It was also wonderful to hear about everyone’s Lenten commitments. Honestly, there were so many really challenging ones that others made that are way harder than simply giving up desserts. Some of the ones that would be difficult for me: not complaining and not harboring criticism/self-criticism (I forgot the exact wording, but it was something along those lines).

Also, props to those who gave up coffee for Lent! It’s totally not going to be fun when you have a headache from the withdrawal symptoms and I’m sitting next to you, drinking coffee, and laughing like a maniac. May the Lord give you strength.


Joe and I watched Tree of Life after the Bible study. I still don’t know how I feel about it, but they had a lot of amazing images and it touches on the many complicated relationships we have in our lives (also touching on the many aspects of our relationships with God… Our Father, the Creator, etc.).

Spoiler alert, there are dinosaurs in this movie. I know. RAAANDOMM. Haha, well no. You’ll have to watch it to see why they’re in the movie.


For dinner, Joe’s brother Josh treated us out for my super belated birthday dinner. He has been raving about Dish Dash for a long time, and we finally got to go!

It’s located in the super cute downtown Sunnyvale (<–right??)

I just had to take a picture of these cute starry lights they had. As you can see, the restaurant is kind of dimly-lit, but super lively and inviting.


Josh ordered this sampler that came with six different dips/spreads that we can eat with pita bread. It was awesome! Surprisingly filling though!


Good thing I was pacing myself and trying to have some self-control to have room for the entrees.

Umm… what the hugeness?

I ordered the Chicken kebabs, and WHOA. I just wanted to go at this dish with my bare hands and shovel it into my mouth because that chicken was perfectly cooked, no joking or exaggerating here. I’m fo’ serious.

[Is it weird if I’m starting to drool as I look at this picture again?]

And they somehow knew I LOVE roasted beets, and put a few of those on the side with the other roasted veggies.

I now firmly believe that rice should always come with some herbs in it and a generous helping of slivered almonds. I couldn’t get enough!

Luckily, I left one glorious piece of chicken and some rice to be enjoyed tomorrow after I run. I expect it to still be perfectly tender and delicious.

Josh, good pick with this place. It was pretty flippin’ awesome.


After dinner, Esther treated us to get something from Bitter+Sweet!

I stared at their ice cream for an uncomfortable portion of our time there, but at least we didn’t go to Pinkberry or something. I probably would have cried if we went there.

They serve Humphrey Slocombe ice cream, and Esther tried the Secret Breakfast flavor, Josh got an Americano, and Joe got Vietnamese coffee flavor.

I got the peach blossom tea which was actually really good. I am a big fan of tea and this has got to be one of my favorites!


We had a really nice time talking and sharing stories. I truly enjoyed the time we had together to eat great food together and then chillax with some story-telling.


Hope you had a fun Saturday night with friends and loved ones!

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