Mondays are My Long Days

I woke up super early this morning so I could fit in an Insanity workout before my long day started (Mondays= 5 hours of school followed by a few hours of work).

Today, I decided to do the Upper Body Weight Training video, which incorporates the use of weights (duh) as well as some cardio in each set.


It’s actually one of my favorite videos! There are three sets, with 12 reps, 10 reps, then 8 reps. You’re supposed to go up in weight for each set, but I just did it all with my 12’s and they worked just fine.

I actually can’t really do a pushup (or triceps- pushups!) with perfect form, so I guess I was kind of cheating, hehe.

Always, by the end of this video, I am in a weirdly amazing state… the fact that my muscles feel shredded and I’m out of breath, but so proud about having given it my all during the 47 minutes… it just makes me happy.

How to top off the happy with awesomeness? Just a few cool ingredients for my breakfast!

I made a PB & PB & B & CS sandwich. It’s a thing. Google it. Actually, no, don’t Google it. It’s not a thing… yet. 😉

PB= Peanut butter, PB= Pumpkin butter, B- Banana, and CS= Chia seeds. Like it says on the front of the jar, the chia seeds have Omega-3’s, fiber, and it actually has a good amount of protein (for a topping).

I sprinkled it all over before making it into a sandwich.

Is it just me or do the chia seeds look super gross when it’s all over like that? It’s the reason I can’t eat it as toast/open-faced.


Bio lab was pretty fun today. We dissected a sheep’s heart!! I was going to post some pictures, but:

1.) I don’t want you to throw up all over your keyboard (in case you’ve super weaksauce and can’t handle the site of preserved organs),

2.) I would hate to make you lose your appetite if you’re about to eat a meal,

3.) It’s actually a pretty boring picture.

After the lab, I had fifteen minutes to eat lunch in my car before going in for the lecture. Is it weird that while we were dissecting the heart, my stomach was like “FEEEEED MEEEEEE, RAAAWRRR!”? That breakfast did nothing for me after two hours. Boo.


I’m now sitting in Peet’s, enjoying a cafe au lait. My hand is hurting because all my pens ran out of ink (writing so many pages of notes), and I only had a super skinny cheap one where I had to press down really hard…

My life is so hard.


I’ll be heading to work in a bit. Can’t wait! I’ve been enjoying tutoring so much these days!

I’m thinking of getting in a short run at the gym after the family Bible study at Joe’s tonight. I’ll update again if I do!

Hope you guys get through your Mondays with ease!


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